The Pull List

42tfhMv_As well as being home to the best indie, small press and digital comics coverage on the internet, the team at Pipedream Comics have also put together their own indie magazine, The Pull List. Featuring the same mix of high quality news, exclusive creator interviews and in-depth reviews of the best indie and small press comics, it also features an exclusive gallery of cutting edge indie comics artists best new work, not to mention the most opinionated columns around.

Released quarterly for the bargain price of £0.99 you can purchase The Pull List online via Gumroad.

Pull List 01The Pull List #1

Our first issue features an exclusive interview with Leah Moore about the award winning Electricomics. Indie sensations Mike Garley Joshua Sherwell and Mike Stock discussing their digital dystopia The Kill Screen. As well as a rundown of the best 30 comics currently available on digital comics giant comiXology’s Submit platform. There’s also a gallery showcasing the best indie comic artists, reviews of the newest and best indie comics, as well as an exclusive column from Aces Weekly and V For Vendetta’s David Lloyd on why he loves digital comics.
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Pull List 02_smallThe Pull List #2

Our second issue features the Indie Cool List which  includes Eisner-nominated superstars such as John Allison (Giant Days) and Tillie Walden (I Love This Part)The City Inside), alongside exciting UK talent like Christian Wildgoose (Porcelain: Bone China) and Rachael Smith (Artifical Flowers,The Rabbit), as well as some of the most exciting small-press publishers in the UK today, Dirty Rotten Comics and Madius Comics.Plus there’s the usual selection of great indie comics reviews from The Walking Dead to The Pride and Bertie Bear to Brethren Born.
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Pull List 03The Pull List #3

This issue we have an exclusive interview from UK comics legend Shaky Kane, discussing his new book Last Driver with a first look at some of the amazing artwork in this retro road movie inspired read! We also talk to the writer of Last Driver, Chris ‘C.S.’ Baker, the team behind new indie anthology Comichaus, 100% Biodegradable‘s Dave Hailwood gives us tips on how to publish a digital anthology and we catch up with the busiest creators in comics, the team from Big Punch Studios.
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The Pull List #4

The new issue of indie comics fanzine The Pull List looks at the future of digital comics, with a exclusive interview from Aces Weekly‘s David Lloyd. Plus Expanded Comics unveil motion comic Dark Pulsar, Eisner Award nominee SUTU discusses webcomic These Memories Won’t Last and we run down the 10 best alternatives to ComiXology. There’s also an exclusive interview with the creators of our amazing Last Sheriff cover, Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins from Reckless Hero. Plus reviews of the best new indie, small press and digital comics.
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