The Pull List

42tfhMv_As well as being home to the best indie, small press and digital comics coverage on the internet, the team at Pipedream Comics have also put together their own indie magazine, The Pull List. Featuring the same mix of high quality news, exclusive creator interviews and in-depth reviews of the best indie and small press comics, it also features an exclusive gallery of cutting edge indie comics artists best new work, not to mention the most opinionated columns around.

Pull List 07

The Pull List #7 – Discover Small Press

Small Press means different things to different people. For some, it’s a world of art students producing hand-printed fanzines put together with long-armed staplers. While for others, it represents the freedom to tell interesting and eclectic stories without needing approval from a publisher. And it’s this diversity that we love – so we chose to […]

Pull List 05

The Pull List #5 – Indie Showcase

After making it’s print debut at the True Believers Comic Festival, the new issue of our indie comics fanzine The Pull List is now available digitally as well, with both ready to purchase from the new Store Section of our website – where you can also get the first 4 issues digitally for just £0.99 each! 

Pull List 02_small

The Pull List #2 – The Indie Cool List

Comics have never been cooler, and at Pipedream Comics, we think indie comics are the coolest of the cool. So, in the latest issue of our indie comics magazine The Pull List, we celebrate their all-round brilliance by putting together a list of our favourite comic creators and small-press publishers that we’ve called ‘The Indie Cool […]

Pull List 01

The Pull List #1 – Our Friends Electricomics

After weeks of working behind closed doors we can finally reveal our brand new product from the team here at Pipedream Comics as we launch the first issue of The Pull List, a new quarterly magazine dedicated to the world of small press, indie and digital comics. This first issue is packed with exclusive news, reviews and interviews with some of comics’ […]