The Pull List #2 – The Indie Cool List

Pull List 02_smallComics have never been cooler, and at Pipedream Comics, we think indie comics are the coolest of the cool. So, in the latest issue of our indie comics magazine The Pull List, we celebrate their all-round brilliance by putting together a list of our favourite comic creators and small-press publishers that we’ve called ‘The Indie Cool List’. You can read the full list by purchasing The Pull List #2 from Gumroad here!

Pull List 02_smallOur Cool List includes Eisner-nominated superstars such as John Allison (Giant Days) and Tillie Walden (I Love This Part, The City Inside), alongside exciting UK talent like Christian Wildgoose (Porcelain: Bone China) and Rachael Smith (Artifical Flowers, The Rabbit), as well as some of the most exciting small-press publishers in the UK today, Dirty Rotten Comics and Madius Comics.

Plus there’s the usual selection of great indie comics reviews from The Walking Dead to The Pride and Bertie Bear to Brethren Born, plus show reports and a gallery from some of the scene’s most exciting artists.

But don’t just take our word about how great this new magazine is, here’s what the great and the good of the indie comics community have to say about Issue #1…

“One of the snazziest fanzines I’ve seen.”
Vince Hunt, The Awesome Comics Podcast

“Well worth the measly 99p cover price.”
John Freeman, Down The Tubes

“If you’re an indie comic creator, then the Pull List is going to make you jump around like a jacked-up kangaroo at a House of Pain concert”
Andi Ewington, Overrun

“Terrific new magazine focusing on the less puffed-up areas of comics entertainment, from a guy who’s interested in the future, not a tired past!”
David Lloyd, Aces Weekly

“If you want a good snapshot of the emerging and bustling small press scene, you won’t find much better than this”
Ken Reynolds, Sliced Quarterly

“As a small-press comics-editing cat in a superhero costume from an alternative dimension I appreciate The Pull List’s excellent look at the indie comics scene. It allows me to evaluate the ‘competition’ without having to resort to underhand tactics and violent mind invasion.”
Mutalis J Kosmikat, Editor, Smart Bomb!!

The Pull List liked my daft comic, therefore I immediately liked them back. If we ever reach a point where they don’t like it I’ll be a bit stuffed, as it’s really a bit too good to be nasty about just for the sake of it.”
Wil Overton, Smart Bomb!!

Mike Garley, The Kill Screen & Samurai Slasher

Purchase The Pull List #2 HERE