The Pull List #4 – The Future of Digital Comics

pull-list-04The latest issue of our indie comics magazine The Pull List #4 is now available from our Gumroad store for the bargain price of £0.99! Our cover is supplied by the super talented Chris Imber and Chris Jenkins from Reckless Hero who represent a new generation of exciting UK indie publishers and they talk exclusively about their epic series the Last Sheriff.

We also look at the future of digital comics with an exclusive interview from David Lloyd where he discusses his digital art anthology Aces Weekly, which is about to launch its 25th volume and look back at some of the highlights from the past four years. We also talk to two pioneers of digital publishing: Expanded Comics, whose Dark Pulsar series blends cutting edge motion graphics with explosive comic book action; and Stu ‘SUTU’ Campbell who tells us more about his incredibly personal, Eisner award nominated webcomic, These Memories Won’t Last, which looks at his grandfathers dementia in truly ground breaking way. We also take a look at 10 of the best alternatives to reading digital comics, that aren’t the all conquering comiXology.

And if that’s not enough we have reviews of some of the best new indie comics, including Alex Automatic, Audubon, The Adventure of Cordelia Swift, Charge, Phallaina, Widdershins: Finding the Lady, Comichaus, Dark Matter 2, Last Driver, untitled Apes Epic Adventure, Santa Claus vs the Nazis, Scurry and Theatrics. We also look at the best new releases from this years Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival and look back at the Shrewsbury and Melksham Comic Cons.

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