The Pull List #1 – Our Friends Electricomics

Pull List 01After weeks of working behind closed doors we can finally reveal our brand new product from the team here at Pipedream Comics as we launch the first issue of The Pull List, a new quarterly magazine dedicated to the world of small press, indie and digital comics. This first issue is packed with exclusive news, reviews and interviews with some of comics’ biggest names and is available for the bargain price of 99p from our new store!

Pull List 01“Since we launched Pipedream Comics in 2011 we have been constantly inspired by the can-do attitude of indie comic creators and wanted to help spread the word of the digital comics revolution!” says Pipedream Comics editor and founder Alex Thomas. “With the increase in digital comics sales has become a vibrant and exciting indie and small press community that are truly pushing the boundaries of what can be produced and we wanted to share that with the world. With The Pull List we hope to combine our passion for comics with our expertise in making magazines to create a new title that blends fanzine attitude, with newsstand production values to create something which equals the quality of amazing comics which we see being launched every day!”

Our first issue features an exclusive interview with Leah Moore about the award winning Electricomics. Indie sensations Mike Garley Joshua Sherwell and Mike Stock discussing their digital dystopia The Kill Screen. As well as a rundown of the best 30 comics currently available on digital comics giant comiXology’s Submit platform. There’s also a gallery showcasing the best indie comic artists, reviews of the newest and best indie comics, as well as an exclusive column from Aces Weekly and V For Vendetta’s David Lloyd on why he loves digital comics.

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