Kickstarter of the Week: The Pride Hardcover Collected Edition

kickstarter_of_the_weekThis week’s Kickstarter of the Week sees Joe Glass, writer and creator of The Pride launches a campaign to raise funds for the printing of a massive, oversized hardcover collection of the LGBTQ+ superhero action adventure series, The Pride.

“The Pride stars FabMan as he decides enough is enough with the poor representation, treatment and media coverage of LGBTQ+ superheroes and decides to bring together his own team of queer powerhouses. Including Wolf, Muscle Mary, Twink, Bear, Frost, Angel, White Trash and Cub, The Pride fights for justice and diversity…but is the world ready for them? And when the villainous Reverend and his terrifying lackey Basher set their sights on world domination, The Pride may be all that stands between us and total chaos.”

“The hardcover collection will collect all six issues of The Pride volume 1, plus all three issues of anthology sister series, The Pride Adventures, along with tons of exclusive content and bonus materials. Clocking in at over 260+ pages, the Kickstarter aims to not only print the books but bring a large print run so The Pride can reach as wise an audience as possible.”

“The Pride has been a work from my heart for a long time, and the support of the fans and community has been out of this world,” says The Pride creator, Joe Glass, “I hope we can make something really special with this Kickstarter and bring the book to even more people all over the world.”

With The Pride Joe Glass manages to get the perfect balance of classic superhero adventure, but with socially relevant and informative story-telling. Intelligently weaved into a superteam origin story, The Pride tackles important issues of sexuality and prejudice, without ever being heavy-handed or preachy. Whether you are straight, gay, trans or whatever, as long as you love superheroes then you will love The Pride and this collection is the perfect way to get into this brilliant series.