Superstar artist Bryan Hitch’s Real Heroes sees the king of the rubble-strewn panorama fill in the gaps between the epic double page spreads with something a bit more than a few nice celebrity portraits in his new mini-series from Image Comics. But will his words be as powerful as his pencils when all is said and done?

Tim Gibson’s Moth City gets its first spin off this week in the form of Moth City Preludes: The Reservoir – an origin story for the maniacal Governor McCaw that is pitched as a western in black, white and blood. But can the evil Governor sustain the story on his own? Especially in a black and white book with no dialogue?!

This weekend’s must-read digital comics in the Sunday Digest include more cutting edge motion books from DC Comics/Madefire with Injustice Gods Among Us #4-7, quirky sci-fi in D4VE from MonkeyBrain Comics, a sports mascot mashup in Down Set Fight from Oni Press and gentically modified dinosaurs from ‘Down Under’ in Blastosaurus

With Injustice: Gods Among Us, Liam Sharp and co’s Madefire team are facing a challenge as big as the Justice League themselves, transferring iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to their motion book platform. How have they managed with their biggest challenge to date?

With a new Hellboy in Hell motion book launching via their app this week, Madefire have added to their library the most high profile character yet. But will this latest motion book offering see them descend into a fiery pit like their lead character or rise to the digital heavens?

What would you do if you were an ordinary guy who woke up in the bed of a green-skinned alien princess only to find you were the new king of a warlike alien planet?! Quinton Miles and the guys from QAM Comics pose just that conundrum in their latest Guided View digital comic, Xeno Trip #1, but haven’t we seen this kind of story done a hundred times before?!

Valiant’s first Guided View Native digital comic, Unity 8-bit Adventure, sees their new super hero team ‘Unity’ go old school in an 8-bit video game inspired adventure. But does this old school approach take away from the 21st century sophistication of Guided View?

The most exciting digital comics announcement from this year’s San Diego Comic Con was the partnership between motion book publishers Madefire and IDW Publishing to bring IDW’s heavy hitters Star Trek, Transformer and My Little Pony to the world of motion comics. But now they have finally arrived, how do these new titles compare to the home grown Madefire motion books and will they stand on their own in this brave new world of digital comics?