Preview: Aces Weekly volume 25

Aces WeeklyDavid Lloyd’s Aces Weekly is celebrating it’s 4th anniversary, and that means it is set to release an incredible 25th volume of the award winning digital art comic. They’ve have a landmark year this year and we will have an exclusive interview with David looking back at the first 24 volumes in the next issue of The Pull List, but for now have a look at some of the amazing comics in Aces Weekly volume 25 available now at We also have some quotes from David himself about them…

In a drowned world of the future, salvage must be claimed from the ocean’s depths to make life more tolerable for those on the surface, in a beautifully-rendered story from Katie Cunningham and Heather Fisher – BOOM! Nowhere


Plus, in the grand tradition of Elephantmen and Blacksad, two new Aces, Anthony Zicari and Oscar Capristo, take us to a world where the long arm of the law has got teeth to match, in the shape of Chief Inspector Gator...


And in a story from Marcello Bondi and Giuseppe Latanza, a DJ takes a risk with something much more important than a dodgy sound system in Mercy Killing

Whilst on the planet that’s become haven for the last vestiges of mankind, the future looks like it’s getting as complicated as it was on Earth, in the continuing sf drama from Jeff Vaughn, and Brian and Brendon Fraim, The Flight


Jok and Santullo build up the back story behind the biggest blag our favourite fantasy burglars have ever found themselves hooked into, as we see more of what will lead a ragged criminal crew to The Big Hit


And Marc Jackson brings back that way-out bunch of funny folks in outer space that we’ve all grown to groove to, man…Goons Of The Galaxy


Aces Weekly is a non-paper, comic art magazine of up to 200 pages that comes directly to you through the wonder of cyberspace, and is exclusively designed for your tablet, laptop,desktop, and smart tv!

And all for the bargain price of £6.99 per month from