Kickstarters We Love: Skyscraper

The Aussie King of Kickstarter, Ryan K Lindsay is back with another amazing looking one shot, Skyscraper.

Ryan describes it as “a procedural crime story, that weaves in elements of the weird putting it somewhere between THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS, LOST, and PAPER GIRLS.”

But what really separates the story is that every single page is framed exactly the same way – as a front shot of the KDP building. Different panels and tiers of the page can jump around through time, howerver Ryan’s collaborator Mitchell Collins’ gives us characters and moments through zoomed panels and cutaway areas so each page jumps around in time to build a truly epic story.

For print backers the comic is also being released an over-sized newspaper page size – which is more than twice the size of a standard US comic.

As with all of Ryan’s Kickstarter though, there is a digital only tier which is just AU$4 and comes packed with all kinds of behind the scenes extras and goodies.

You can pledge your support for Skyscraper here and be sure to get on board on of the most interesting sounding comics of they year.