Kickstarter We Love: Slightly Exagerated

We were big fans of Curits Clow’s Beastlands and The Wild Cosmos, however his latest project looks to be something really special indeed. Slightly Exaggerated is described as: “A mature treasure hunting fantasy adventure… in which a dying girl must steal back a sacred artifact from a crazed cult leader in a world where religion is law. It’s set in an over the top whimsical fantasy land filled with flying sea creatures, talking animals and lots of other crazy, fun stuff!”

While this all sounds like lots of fun, and Clow exhibitied tons of potential in his forst two books, it is the artwork which really deserves a lot of the attention. Pius Bak’s work is absolutely mind blowing – just check out the incredible wraparound cover we have posted here. It has the level of intricate detail of Chris Wildgoose’s Porcelain books and the kind of imaginative creatures that would fit in a Studio Ghibli movie (or a book like Skip or Hicotea).

Clow’s previous books have both featured artists who packed in the detail, but this one seems to have stepped up a level in terms of quality. It is all coloured with a glorious kind of vintage tone to it, which makes it look like a lost 1970s Marvel book (or perhaps more recently a page from the Etherington Brothers Stranski collection). This has the potential to be a real gem, so back it now!

You can pledge support for Slightly Exagerated #1 here