Kickstarter We Love: The Cosplayer That Doomed The Earth

The latest comics from Lou Scannon creator Dan Harris, looks set to be another laugh out loud small press series. The Cosplayer That Doomed The Earth follows Griff, a grown up geek who goes to comic con for the first time, dressed as his favourite video game character (Captain Aequitas), only for aliens to invade and threaten the world, mistaking Griff for the actual captain.

TCTDTE (as no-one will call it), looks to be a really fun slice of all ages sci-fi with a pop culture twist added to it. And Harris’ artwork look packed full of enjoyable detail for geeks and cosplayers alike.

The campaign is to fund the printing of the first two issues and comes the usual mix of top draw sketches, commissions and extras that we are used to from Dan’s previous campaigns.

You can back The Cosplayer That Doomed The Earth here