Kickstarter We Love: Living with Cancer: Our Stories

We discovered this really important campaign courtesy of Catriona Laird (artist on Nasty Girls). Along with Aahling Larkin, she is the co-founder of CHIP Collective and  “Living With Cancer: Our Stories” is their first comic anthology. It’s a 44 page comic, featuring 9 different artists, to tell 6 people’s stories of how their lives have been affected by cancer, or their work in the medical field of cancer.

This project aims to raise awareness about different cancer types as well as offer hope and support to cancer patients and their loved ones. But you can read more in the foreword on the campaign page.

Joining Catriona and Ashling are Sara Julia, Elliot ‘Ell’ Balson, Eve Greenwood, Sarah Holliday, Maira Ilsa Rebecca Horner and Jules Valera and so this looks like it will not only be a really important read, but a fantastic looking one as well.

You can back the campaign here.