Kickstarter We Love: Death Sentence: Liberty #4

Monty Nero and Martin Simmonds’ post-modern adult superhero series Death Sentence is a firm favourite here in the Pipedream Comics office and so we’re always excited to see a new issue is funding on Kickstarter, because it means we are getting one step closer to finding out what is happening to Verity, Weasel, Roots and Jeb. Set in a world where superpowers come with a 6 month life expectancy, Death Sentence is the perfect mix of outlandish action, sweary humour and smart satire. In a world where everyone thinks they can write a post-modern superhero story Monty and Martin put their money where their mouth is to create this exceptional series, which has more attitude and relavancy than a dozen rebooted Big Two cape books.

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As well as creating a fantastic series in Death Sentence, Monty is also a master of the Kickstarter campaign, running his campaigns smoothly and providing all manner of quirky and unconventional extras. From stickers and prints, to the opportunity to hang out with him in Dundee.

Pledge your support for Death Sentence: Liberty #4 here.