Kickstarter We Love: Captain Cosmic #3

We cannot say enough nice things about the wonderful The Adventures of Captain Cosmic from Andy W Clift. A deserving entrant in our Indie Comic Of The Year list in  2018, it’s a fantastically fun mix of pulp science fiction and silver age Kirby infused space silliness.

This issue sees the diabolical Phantom Spaceman return to enact a dastardly plan, as he does every five years (before disappearing and so not getting caught!). After the light and frothy fun o fthe first issue, Clift has take Captain Cosmic in an almost Dr Who like direction, but including just enough of an edge to make the stories have some substance to them (but without veering it away from the all ages fun which makes the book so enjoyable.

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As well as all the usual superb stretch goals from Clift, you can also catch up on the first two issues of this fantastic series and so if you have not ventured to the stars with the Captain before, now is the perfect time to get aboard!

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