Digital Comic of the Year 2013

We are proud to announce that the winner of the Pipedream Comics Digital Comic of the Year 2013 is…

Aces WeeklyAces Weekly

DCOTY2013_winnerAces Weekly is the digital art comic produced by V For Vendetta creator David Lloyd. Released digitally every week via in  seven issue arcs, it features stories and art from some of the UK’s best-known comic creators including Henry Flint, John McCrea and Shaky Kane.

The Pipedream Comics Digital Comic of the Year 2013 was chosen by the readers of Pipedream Comics via a Facebook poll which saw almost 200 votes cast since it’s launched on December 29th 2013 and was based on a shortlist of the 10 best digital comics of 2013 as decided by the writers of Pipedream Comics.

Aces Weekly won the vote with a landslide of 51%, seeing off competition from the 2012 winner Captain Stone Is Missing by Liam Sharp’s Madefire and newcomer Molly Danger by writer/artist Jamal Igle and Action Lab Entertainment.

The final votes were as follows:

1.   Aces Weekly (Aces Weekly)  51%
2.   Captain Stone Is Missing (Madefire)  23%
3.   Molly Danger (Action Lab Entertainment)  14%
4.   Moth City (Thrillbent)  4%
5.   The Private Eye (Panel Syndicate)  3%
   Batman Arkham Origins (DC Comics/Madefire) 2%
7=  War of the Woods (Monster Island Media) 1%
7=  Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted (Marvel Comics) 1%
9=  Masks and Mobsters (MonkeyBrain Comics) 0.5%
9=  Unity 8-bit Adventure (Valiant Entertainment) 0.5%

Fresh from this exciting revelation, Aces Weekly publisher David Lloyd said about their stunning victory, “It’s absolutely great to be voted top digital comic of 2013 in Pipedream Comics excellent poll!  And to all the subscribers and supporters of Aces Weekly who took the time to express their appreciation of us, I cannot thank you enough!  This is new territory we’re exploring, and having the endorsement and encouragement of so many as we cut our way through the jungle, is just what our Ace creators need.”

While Pipedream Comics editor and founder Alex Thomas joined in the celebrations… “Huge congratulations to David Lloyd and the team behind Aces Weekly! Their desire to create a digital home for comic artists to create amazing stories without restrictions is what digital comics are all about. The world needs more Aces Weeklys and more publishers like David Lloyd who are willing to take a risk on making artistically exciting and digitally innovative comics!”

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