Best of ComiXology Submit 2015: #21–#30

ComixologySubmitEvery month we look at some of the best indie digital comics from ComiXology’s indie publishing platform Submit. As part of our celebration of the Best of 2015 we rundown our selection of the very best of ComiXology Submit 2015 and we start with numbers 21-30.

Red Mask From Mars21. The Red Mask from Mars (Raw Edge Comics)

Doug Stewart was a thrill-seeking astronaut whose life was changed forever when a chance encounter with an alien life form left him with amazing abilities, invulnerability and an alien stuck to his face. The Red Mask From Mars mixes familiar tropes from the Fantastic FourAlien franchise and Hellboy & the BPRD to create a really fun read from writer/artist Vince Hunt, which, thanks to it’s cartoony visuals, vibrant colours and constant sense of enthusiasm, works as a perfect introduction to a new kind of quirky hero.
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The Stiffs22. Stiffs (Smoking simian sequentials)

Don is a call centre worker by day but a zombie hunter at night. With the help of his foul-mouthed, pot-smoking buddy Kenny – who just happens to be a monkey – he has to take down a necromancer while also putting up with his mates taking the piss down the pub. Stiffs reads like a Welsh Shaun of the Dead thanks to it’s blend of horror comedy and believable characters who would much rather be drinking than out killing the undead, all of which helps Stiffs to stand out from the shuffling hordes of mediocre indie zombie books.
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Henna Hanson Must Save Prom23. Henna Hanson must save prom (Rashad Doucet Productions)

High schooler Henna Hanson’s lifelong dream of a perfect prom is ruined when a rampaging horde of nazi robots attempt to take over the world. With the help of her time-travelling ex-boyfriend’s future-self she must combat the mechanical menace and save the day. Alabaster Shadows’ Rashad Doucet mixes up Golden Age pulp villains, ’80s high school movie attitude, X-Men: Days of Future Past time travel and anime-style action to create a superbly original story with a truly epic title!
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Revenger #124. Revenger (Oily COmics)

Revenger reads like a Quentin Tarantino fever dream – mixing ’70s exploitation movies, Richard Stark paperbacks and trashy ’80s TV shows into an ultra-violent, unapologetic treat. It’s anonymous black female lead wanders the wasteland of the 1980s with a 1-800 number and a bucket full of attitude solving crimes wherever she is called upon. Ignore the gaping plot holes and Soviet cyborgs and just enjoy the fact that the Revenger takes on the story’s main villain with an army of gun-toting tramps!
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Gamma25. Gamma (Buster + Norah Press)

If you can imagine a Pokemon adventure drawn by Shaolin Cowboy’s Geof Darrow then you will come somewhere close the highly imaginative and surreal world of Gamma from Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas. Dusty is a former monster training world champion, who these days lets people punch him in the face for money after letting the world down and the monsters win. With it’s supremely detailed art and surreal story Gamma will make you want to punch Farinas and Freitas in the face for being so damn good at making comics!
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The Last Sheriff #126. The Last Sheriff (Reckless Hero)

With artwork that looks like it could have been produced by 90s wonderkid Joe Madureira, Chris Jenkins and Chris Imber’s The Last Sheriff surpasses it’s indie roots to create an epic space western adventure that sees the last representative of the galaxy’s elite law enforcement group dish out his own brand of justice in a frontier town when confronted by the town’s despicable mayor.
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27. Grimfish (Comicker Digital)

Aaron Pitman’s Grimfish see it’s rag tag hero take on an army of mercenary mechs while aided by the robotic representation of his late love. Mixing classic sci-fi with space voodoo and adding in some giant mechs good measure (along with a heart-breaking back story) Grimfish feels like an epic space opera that is just beginning to find it’s way in the universe and for fans of intergalactic tales of lost love and adventure, like Brian K Vaughan’s Saga, then this could be your new favourite book.
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Lloyd and the Bear28. Lloyd and The Bear (Lloyd and the Bear)

This tale of a boy and his cuddly buddy is much more than just an ordinary cutesy kids book. Lloyd’s teddy ‘Bear’ is actually an alien called Bernard who crash landed on earth by accident while trying to escape from the evil Shoal – a race of purple aliens who invaded his home planet of Bur.  With it’s quirky sense of humour and stunning visuals, Lloyd and The Bear reads like Calvin and Hobbes reimagined via the Powerpuff Girls and has more hyperactive energy than a toddler after a multi-pack of Fruit Shoots.
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Abbadon29. Abbadon (Adaptive Comics)

This hard hitting adults-only Western from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray is a like an HBO mini series in panel form. Celebrated US Marshall Wes Garrett is summoned to the aspiring city of Abbadon to solve a grisly murder and prevent the fame hungry killer from taking advantage of his notoriety. Palmiotti and Gray don’t hold back in their graphic portrayal of life in Abbadon with blood, guts and nudity galore, which means although this book might not be for everyone, for those who give it a try it is a grim and gritty delight.
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Gun #130. Gun (Reckless Eyeball Press)

While there are plenty of post-modern superheroes in the world, there still seems to be some room left for a few more post-modern super villains. Struggling ‘gun’ Trevor Werner (better known as Mr Twist) gets more than he bargains for when he rescues a ‘cape’ who is left for dead after a bungled robbery and along with his accomplices decides to sell her off in a super villain auction. Jack Foster’s world of loveable losers after one last big score is a refreshing antidote to the angsty world of smart-ass super villain anti-heroes.