Best of ComiXology Submit 2015 #11-20

ComixologySubmitFrom Irish school girls and intergalactic pirates to psychic super spies and mystical tree witches, we continue to look at the best digital indie comics of 2015 as we rundown our choices of the very best from ComiXology Submit 2015 with numbers 11-20.

Lord11. Lord (Misrule Comics)

Set in 1970s Ireland, Leonie O’Moore’s exquisitely realised tale of a troubled young girl sent off to a remote island to be educated by strict nuns is as beautiful as it is unsettling. The isolated setting gives the story a claustrophobic feel, while the underlying themes of rigid Catholic dogma and a Wicker Man style pagan undercurrent makes it both compelling and un-nerving in equal measures. Beautifully rendered with water-colour washes, O’Moore’s artwork gives the book an innocence that juxtaposes brilliantly with dark and mature story she is telling.
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Pirates from Mars12. Pirates of Mars (Robo Picto Books)

Pirates are an often maligned group of characters, but put them in a spaceship and they become roguish heroes! JJ Kahrs and Veronica Fish’s Pirates Of Mars manages to elevate itself above the other Firefly/Guardians of the Galaxy wannabes thanks to a truly beguiling and enthralling heroine – Victoria Lovelace – whose antics aboard her late husband’s ship as she plunders the stars, takes on an evil admiral and keeps her mutinous crew in line makes for a much more entertaining read than your average swashbuckling adventurer!
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BPM_113.Big Punch Magazine (Big Punch STudios)

Not content with just drawing and writing hit indie comics like 7 String and Afterlife Inc, UK creators Nich Angell and Jon Locke have teamed up with their Big Punch Studio compadres Lucy Brown and Alice White to create a quarterly anthology featuring new characters and stories as part of a larger multiverse. BPM is packed full of their trademark world-building and slick artwork, and when presented in a smartly designed package the whole thing has an infectious enthusiasm that you can’t help but be carried along with.
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Elena: Divinity Rising #114. Elena Anchova: Divinity Rising (Alien Apple Studios)

Darren Pearce and Stuart Jennett’s psychic super-spy may seem like another Black Widow wannabe but thanks to psychic powers that allow Elena to read electronic communication and her Lisbeth Salander dress sense and haircut, she ends up being much more just another Natasha Romanov clone. Mixing present day action with Soviet-era flashbacks Pearce and Jennett are building the foundation for a really interesting character in Elena and with a mysterious villain on her trail we can’t wait to see what happens next.
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Template The Binary Code15. Template: Binary Code (QAM Comics)

This follow up to 2014’s excellent debut series sees our cybernetic heroine Beta back in action taking down villains for private security firm Oversight, but still looking for answers about her predecessor Alpha and the enigmatic Ina Britt. Writer Quentin Miles continues to brilliantly build this world of high-tech assassins and shadowy military tech companies into something really smart and engaging, while artist Andres Quezada does a superb job of bringing life and dynamism to the action with ComiXology’s Guided View.
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Captain Canuck

16. Captain Canuck (Chapter House comics)

Bringing back a classic hero from the 1970s Captain Canuck tells the tale of Tom Evans – a man born of the true north bestowed with great power who fights for the fate of the world as part of the global crisis intervention agency Equilibrium. This 21st century hero is equal parts Captain America and Tony Stark with a dash of Reed Richards thrown in for good measure and with a tone that is reminiscent of Ed Brubaker’s Secret Avengers it’s a smart re-imagining of an old school hero.
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wart_book117. Wart (Wart Comic)

Chris Welsh and Ammar Al Chalabi’s Wart – A Cosmic Horror Comic, is based on the works of HP Lovecraft – in other words it features dark and dank supernatural terrors and plenty of tentacled beasties. However unlike most books who cite the Master of Cthulu as an influence, Welsh and Chalabi have taken a cartoonish approach to the world of Wart which gives the whole series a really refreshing edge that is as funny as it is fearsome.
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Deep Soul18. Deep Soul (Doppelgänger Publishing)

This tale of a scientist trying to rescue his wife from a coma, via past life regression is a rip-roaring read from start to finish that soon makes you forget it’s overly-complicated beginnings. Genius scientist Jake Penn has discovered a way to make wealthy patients regress back into past lives but when his clients begin attacking people, while channelling ancient warlords, he is brought into contact with a mysterious government agency who want to weaponise his discovery and meets a mysterious woman who may be able to help bring back his wife.
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Dash volume 119. Dash (Northwest Press)

Crime comic fans are familiar with the private eye stereotype of the booze addled womaniser with the complex past. However in Dash, writer Dave Ebersole and artist Delia Gable have brilliantly subverted this well worn cliche by adding a new dimension – making him openly gay! However this isn’t some overly PC re-imagining of classic detectives, or a gritty indictment of the 1940s attitudes towards homosexuality, rather it’s a smart and intelligently written piece of classic crime noir where our flatfoot likes dudes not dames!
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Sylvania20. Sylvania (Comicker digital)

The forest setting of Kristin Kemper’s Sylvania is so lush and ardent you expect it to smell of pine needles and feel like tree bark in your hand as you read it. The tale of tree witch Willow, her dysfunctional siblings and the mysterious bird witch Kite, who she meets by knocking him out of a tree, is a sublime mix of anime-style visuals, rendered in lush woodland colours and textures, with some gorgeous fairytale flourishes that suggest that this is a series that will grow from a tiny acorn into a mighty oak.
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