1. Why I love Digital Comics | JoeBlogsComics
    November 26, 2013 @ 10:56 pm


  2. Avatar ComicBook Coby
    November 29, 2013 @ 3:51 pm

    That’s so awesome, I have the exact same thoughts! In fact, I just wrote about The Private Eye over at my blog: http://cobyscomics.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-private-eye.html.
    My tablet broke before I got back into comics and I haven’t gotten a new one yet, so I haven’t been able to enjoy them there yet. How does it handle the 2-page splashes, which is all The Private Eye is? Does it break them up into 2 pages, or shrink them down to fit on the screen, or do you have to turn the screen sideways?


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