Stephan Franck’s Silver, the hit digital comic launches Kickstarter to fund collected edition

Great news for fans of Stephan Franck’s Silver, the vampire/heist digital comic, emerged today with news of a Kickstarter to help fund a trade paperback of the first 3 issues, plus the anoucement that the new issue 3 will be coming very soon too!

Here’s the breakdown that we got from Silver creator Stephan Franck….

A quick story I couldn’t be more excited to let everybody know that DARK PLANET COMICS’ first KICKSTARTER is live HERE!!!

Why a Kickstarter? Because we have tons of NEW COOL stuff, and in order to get it to you, we have A LOT OF PRINTING ahead of us!

Silver #1 variant cover

Silver #1 and #2 have sold out and are being REPRINTED! Check out Silver #1’s NEW VARIANT COVER!

SILVER #3 is ready for the printer, and will debut at Emerald City Comic Con!

Silver #3 cover

Issues #1,2 & 3 have been compiled into SILVER Vol1. DARK PLANET COMICS’ FIRST TRADE PAPERBACK!!!

Silver Vol 1 includes EXTRA PIN UP pages by amazing comic book and animation greats like TAKESHI MIYAZAWA (Runaways, Code Monkey Saves The Word), and RODOLPHE “RODGUEN” GUENODEN (Kung Fu Panda, Ma Reverence)!

They’ve also produced this fantastic promo video for Silver….

So if you loved Silver then now is your chance to get involved. As Stephan himself says, all the work is done, this is just pre-ordering so use this as a chance to get something awesome – visit the Kickstarter here!