Preview: Three new books from Good Comics – SID by Olivia Sullivan, New York (A Holiday To Remember) by Elizabeth Querstret and Stir Fry by Sarah Crosby

With Thought Bubble just around the corner, we are excited to find out that the team at Good Comics are following the release of the wonderful Cosmos and Other Stories and Human Garbage, by releasing not one new book, but three, including a new line of DIY comics from some of UK scene’s most exciting creators. Pre-orders for all titles are now open at and all three titles will be available at Thought Bubble.

SID by Olivia Sullivan

52 pages | £9 | Perfect Bound | Full Colour

Sid is unemployed. Maybe he’s also unemployable. He’s also paranoid, ruled by his insecurities, and experiencing some incredible delusions and strange visions. SID is a visual narrative exploring his world – a technicolor journey of twists and turns through the hellish landscape of a mind best by brutal illness. In her latest and most ambitious book, artist Olivia Sullivan builds upon the themes of religion, su ering and the strange human mind explored in her previous work I Drank Holy Water to deliver this year’s most wonderfully strange graphic novel. Welcome to the world of SID.

“Olivia’s newest work is brutally honest and allows you to step inside the unpleasant but candid world of obsessive compulsive disorder. SID opens up to us in a way which you don’t necessarily ask for, but o ers another excellent example of honestly talking about mental illness.” – Rozi Hathaway

Good Zines

In addition to SID being published under the Good Comics banner you know and love, we’re delighted to announce that we’re also launching a new list at Thought Bubble this year called Good Zines. The list launches with two brand new comics from Elizabeth Querstret and Sarah Crosby, and aims to be a specialised list of low-priced, accessible titles with a DIY feel that retains the Good Comics sensibility and seal of quality whilst promoting the best of UK small press talent.

New York (A Holiday to Remember) by Elizabeth Querstret

48 pages | £4 | Saddle Stitched | Black and White

Elizabeth Querstret is well known in UK small press comics for her quirky humour and upbeat au- tobiographical storytelling, as well as her amazing ability to personify animals. New York is her latest and longest autobiographical comic, and is a deeply personal and moving tribute to the city that never sleeps, as well as being a candid look at families, partners, sickness and health – and some incredible food, too.

Stir Fry by Sarah Crosby

36 pages | £4 | Saddle Stitched | Black and White

With her new collection Stir Fry, Sarah Crosby explores weird and extraordinary lives in three bizarre stories featuring satanic childcare, petty grudges and insect infatuation. With her trademark dark humour and clean cartooning style Sarah presents a world that is, just subtly, not quite right.

All three comics are available for pre-order at and will be available at Thought Bubble on September 24th.