Preview: Edinburgh Comic Con 2018 – including nominations for this year’s Yancy Street Awards

Part of the blossoming comics scene in Scotland, Edinburgh Comic Con will return this April 14th & 15th for the fifth year, featuring a fantastic roster to big name comics guests, alongside the best of small press (and also guests from the world of TV and Film!). They’ll also be hosting their annual Yancy Street awards which celebrates the best of comics in the UK and around the world.

Comic guests are set to include:

– Fabian Nicieza (co-creator of Deadpool, New Mutants, X-Men, X-Force, Cable) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– Gary Erskine – (Frontlines: Requiem, The Unwritten, The Authority, Star Wars, The Massive)
– Andrea Tamme (Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Black Light: District 6) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– Fernando Dagnino (Justice League: Generation Lost, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Outsiders)
– Robbi Rodriguez (co-creator of Spider Gwen, FPB, Maintenance, Uncanny X-Force) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– Gainluca Gugliotta – (Secret Warriors, Klaws of the Panther, Mister Terrific, G.I. Joe)
– Mark Texeira – (Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Jonah Hex)
– Monty Nero – (Death Sentence, Amazing X-Men, Hulk, X-Men Gold)
– Ben Herrera – (Cable, X-Force/Cable, X-Man, Freex) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– Jorge Fornes – (Wolverine and the X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Doctor Strange) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– CAFU – (Avengers, Black Panther, Action Comics, Unity, etc.)
– Drake Tsui (SIN, Riot Games) – UK EXCLUSIVE
– Dan McDaid (2000 AD, Big Trouble in Litte China, Dr Who Magazine)

While the small press community will be represented by the likes of:

Afterlight Comics, Alan Henderson (The Penned Guin), Accent UK, Time Bomb Comics, David Lumsden, Card Shark Comics, Mindstain Comics, Blurred Lines Comics, Lighthouse Comic Studio, Cabal Comics, Numbskull Comix, Devolution Comics and many more!

They will also be hosting their annual Yancy Street Awards which celebrates the best in UK and international comics with the following creators and comics being nominated:

Best International Writer

Nominees: Tom King, Scott Snyder, Matt Kindt, Cullen Bunn, Warren Ellis

Best International Artist

Nominees: Lee Weeks, Gary Frank, Marc Laming, Mitch Gerads, Frank Quietly

Best International Colourist

Nominees: Jordie Bellaire, FCO

Best International Newcomer

Nominees: Chris O’Halloran, Thomas Crielly, Ram V

Best Superhero Comic

Nominees: Batman, Aquaman, Mister Miracle, X-Men Gold

Best Action Comic

Nominees: Detective Comics, 4 Kids Walk into a bank, Supernaut

Best Humour Comic

Nominees: Penned Guin, I Hate Fairyland,

Best Horror Comic

Nominees: City of Lost Souls, Harrow County, Redlands

Best OGN/Trade

Nominees: Savage Town, Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2,

Best Cover

Nominees: Amazing Spider-Man #31, Aliens: Dead Orbit #1, Daredevil #19, Hellboy & the BPRD 1955: Occult Intelligence #1, The Flash #39 by Carmine Di Giandomenico

Best UK Writer

Nominees: George Lennox, John Lees, Rachael Smith, Dave Cook, James McCulloch

Best UK Artist

Nominees: Robert Turner, Dizevez, Thomas Crielly, Dan Butcher

Best UK Single Issue

Nominees: FLD, Sink #1, Fighting American #1, Samurai Slasher: Late Fees, Perrywinkle

Best OGN/Trade

Nominees: Vampires Everywhere, Penned Guin: To Coldly Go, Impossible (Chris Sides)

Best UK Cover

Nominees: Vampire Everywhere (Alex Ronald), FLD, white NOIR #1

Best Comic Movie/TV Show

Nominees: Logan, Walking Dead, The Punisher, Supergirl, Thor Ragnarock

Best Specialist Publication

Nominees: The Pull List, Starburst, SFX

Best Specialist Website

Nominees: Comics Anonymous, CBR,, Big Comic Page, Comichaus

Best Specialist Podcast

Nominees: Hero Talk Rebirth, I Sell Comics, Awesome Comics Podcast

Winners will be announced at 5pm on Saturday 14th April during the Awards Ceremony.

So if you are in Edinburgh on the weekend of April 14th then you can get your tickets online at or via…