Introducing Podcapers, the great new podcast from A Place To Hang Your Cape

Having caught up with AP2HYC editor David Moloksky at last month’s Leamington Comic Con, we were excited to discover that the guys from A Place To Hang Your Cape have launched an official podcast – PodCapers! – which means we have a chance to discover even more great comics and geeky chat from this awesome website.

PodCapers is hosted by AP2HYC’s List Hero, super geek, and resident ranter Scott Meridew. Each week, Scott will be joined by a rotating cast of guests and choose a topic from nerd culture to discuss and debate, including superheroes, comic books, films, TV shows, and more.

Guests will include AP2HYC writers, such as Editor-In-Cape David Molofsky, Sidekick Fred McNamara, Senior Writer Mark Russell, and a slew of comic creators, filmmakers, and cosplayers.

They’ve already got six rant-filled episodes, now available for you to listen to on iTunes, PodBean, or your favourite podcast app. From the age-old debate of Marvel vs. DC to Scott singing about why he hates Disney films, there’s plenty for every geek, nerd, and everyday superhero to enjoy! 

Meet the Host:

Scott “The Man Who Hates DC” Meridew

Easy going. Understanding. Forgiving. These are some words that Scott knows how to spell. In truth, he’s a sadistic mega-geek and may Odin help you if you cross him! He’s got a BA (Hons) in Screenwriting and a Masters degree in Film Studies. His lifelong ambition is to have a career as a “proper” writer, whatever that means, along with world domination. He likes alliteration, saying the word “DISCLAIMER!”, and hates D.C., Disney, and people who misuse the word “literally” with a passion greater than the heat of a thousand exploding supernovas. Fear his rage!

If you want to be a guest on PodCapers, let them know by emailing with your name and topic suggestion. And you can listen to the latest episodes via the AP2HYC site.