Kickstarters We Love: The Spark Monthly

The Spark is the newest anthology from the fine folk at FairSpark Books – publisher of the Little Heroes Anthology, Megatomic Battle Rabbit and Gallant And Amos. They are ambitiously setting out plans to release a new monthly anthology and are looking for funding.

The first issue features a cover from Star Wars artist Nick Brokenshire, and features a mix of short stories and one page strips. On offer in this first issue are Shadows by Aaron Rackley and Dan Harris (The Cosplayer Who Doomed The Earth), John Baton – The Final Stand by Aaron Rackley and Mike Dabrowksi (Little Toe) as well as a new adventure from the wonderful Gallant and Amos, amongst others.

It’s another entry into the ever growing all ages comics market, but with the fantastic range of talent on offer and the passion which Aaron and his team have for making great comics, then you know this will be another quality product

You can pledge support for The Spark here