Kickstarters We Love: Hotel Anthology, Cadavers: Poltergeist and Galaxafreaks: Time Songs

As well as picking up some great comics at this weekend’s True Believers we also got to hear about some fantastic crowd-funding projects that are underway. So rather than just pick one of them for our Kickstarter of the Week, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on a few of them as we take a look at Hotel by Nathan Hill, Cadavers: Poltergeist from Mad Robot Comics and Galaxafreaks: Time Songs.

First up is Hotel, a fantastic looking anthology project from Nathan Hill. Hotel will a group of indie creators including Sammy Borras, Rosemary Foad, Amanda Summers, Jack Devereaux and Nathan himself producing stories that each occupy a different room in the hotel. Add to this a really slick geometric designed cover, that feels like it could have come out of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, and the prospect of super cool risograph printing techniques this has the potential to be a real arthouse gem so be sure to check in today.
You can pledge your support and find out more information here

Next up is a campaign for the second issue of Cadavers from Bad Robot Studios. The first issue is a former Kickstarter of the Week and debuted at True Believers this weekend as well (read our review here). The tale of a group of ‘spectrals’ who come from a parallel version of earth and now live in a ghetto which is being persecuted by a nationalist politician whose running for office. It’s a really interesting mix of the supernatural with a little bit of close-to-the-bone politics thrown in for good measure. With each issue focusing on a different character as a part of a split narrative, issue 2 is going to focus on the cheeky imp poltergeist and looks set to further expand the events of issue #1 and fill in the gaps of what happened to Marckus North.
You can pledge your support here and watch the pledge video below…

Finally, we brace ourselves for the visual onslaught that comes from entering the world of Andrew Pawley’s Galaxafreaks. The latest series of tales from the psychedelic Captain Yeah! as he his group of technicolour misfits visit the planet Basshead and encounter intergalactic rock star Crystal Rock. It’s the usual mix of indescribable space-bound craziness and eye-popping visuals that we have come to love with the Galaxafreaks, and comes with a fantastic variety of stretch goals and rewards from t-shirts to 3D printed Galaxfreak models! So find out why we picked Andrew as one of our indie talents to watch in the latest issue of The Pull List!
You can pledge your support here and watch the pledge video below