Kickstarters We Love: BaadFood, Robyn, The Human Beings

Once again we are inundated with incredible indie comics kickstarters and so it makes it tough to choose just one to feature in our weekly profile. So instead of picking just one, we’re going to round up some of our favourites now looking for funding.

Baad Food

Set In a near future world where jobs have become scarce thanks to an aging population and the growth of robot workers and genetically altreed human hybrids, two music obsessed slackers become unlikely poster boys for a new pro-Human revolution in this quirky sci if tale from writer Nic Ho Chee. With a mix of shiny sci-fi and slacker humour it looks like it could be a really fun adventure, and the super slick art from Deadpool artist Angelo Ty Dazo and colourist Davi Comodo (plus lettering from Sliced Quarterly’s Ken Reynolds) give it a really high gloss feeling that look like a 2000 AD Future Shock as if written by Kevin Smith. With the interior pages ready to go, you can support Baad Food by clicking here


This gender flipped retelling of the Robin ahold story sees our hero reimagined as a plucky young heroine. From writ Simon abirks and artists Eve Amichi it’s a super stylish new take on this classic story that promises a slice of all ages action and adventure that is presented in a truly stunning looking new way. Amici’s artwork is particularly impressive with bags of character and a truly stunning cover and means that Robyn looks set to be much more than just another retelling of this classic tale. You can support Robyn by clicking here Andy be sure to check out th fantastic pledge video too!

The Human Beings #2

It only seems like yesterday that we were chatting to writer Stuart McCune about the first issue of his uniquely quirky anthology The Human Beings. Well he’s back again with another truly one of a kind collection of surreal and thought provoking tales, part sci-fi, part slice of life, and definitely unlike anything else around at the moment. With his unconventional approach to story telling and his sweeping, elegantly unorthodox art style, McCune is carving a really exciting path for himself as one of indie comics most distinctive and original voices, so be sure to support his latest venture by backing The Human Beings #2 here.

Also we’d like to give an honourable mention to Sam Websters slick anime infused sci-fi adventure Unfamilliar Skies which returns to Kickstarter for a second isue here, and also Hellbound Media’s new Italian inspired horror collection Shock Value Giallo, which if you like your comics dark and twisted, you can help fund here.