Kickstarter We Love: We Will Fight Until We Win!

This week marks the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in the UK, and as a stark reminder that we have come a long way since then (but perhaps not as far as we should!) 404 Ink and BHP Comic have teamed up to create a graphic novel looking at female political firsts – We Will Fight Until We Win – which they are now funding on Kickstarter.

We Will Fight Till We Win is a 64 page graphic novel featuring work from creators like Hannah Berry, Jenny Bloomfield and Denise Minna that will look at prominent political women from Emmeline Pankhurst through to the the first women MPs and beyond, even looking at those who are set to make an impact in the coming years. It’s a fantastic sounding title and with 404 Ink and BHP’s pedigree in this area should be another stunning and thought provoking collection.

You can lend your support here.