Kickstarter We Love: Vessels No.2 (Card Shark)

“When the realms of reality and dreams start to merge, a gifted young woman steps up to save her world from total collapse.”  this is the synopsis of Vessels #2 the new series from Dave Cook’s Card Shark Comics. Back in August Olly featured issue #1 in one of his round-ups and he tells us “I thought Vessels No.1 showed great promise as a sword and sorcery epic in the making, and so it is with no hesitation that I would point readers to this new Kickstarter campaign!”

Written by Dave Cook, with art again supplied by Rafael Desquitado Jr and cover by Gary Kelly, here’s what you’ll expect from their second issue:

What happens in Vessels #2?

In Vessels #2 – we introduce our fourth hero D’Saahl, see the rise of a deadly plague ravaging the land of Cairnthala, master thief Marillon gets in deep with an old band of mercenaries and our heroes formulate their plan to slay the Eye-God, which causes a rift with the Mind Keeper order – and the seeds of a deadly civil war are planted.

On top of this, the Vessels – five deadly knights that are the living embodiment of the five senses – are closing in on Wake. They have been charged with capturing her before she can slay the Eye, but to what end?”

Described by writer, Dave Cook, as “Doctor Strange in the world of Game of Thrones” , the aim is to, obviously, reach their intended £2,500 goal – which they are close to achieving – but there are still a few pledge packages left up for grabs, and at very reasonable requests too. For example, for £25 you’d not only get a copy of Vessels No.2, but also a digital copy, 3 prints and a few more comics, such as the fantastic Comichaus No.1 (digital), thrown in too.

Of course, you can read a bit more about this proposed 35 page, all colour comic on their campaign page here. But, hurry, you’ve only got until March 5th!