Kickstarter We Love: The Last Sheriff #6

The Last Sheriff has been one of our favourite indie western series from the minute it exploded back on the scene a few years back. Chris Jenkins and Chris Imber’s explosive sci-fi action series has grown and developed over the course of it’s 6 issue run, and with the addition of new series artist David Tinto joining the book for the final two issues (so Chris Imber can work on another very exciting project you may have seen on his social media) it looks set for an all action finale.

Set in a world where a war ravaged future world where The Sheriffs have been sent into hiding by the evil corporation known as The Coalition, the Last Sheriff John H Wilson puts together a rag tag band of heroes to help fight back against Coalition – including their all powerful bounty hunter Mr Syxx (who has been one of our favourite indie comics villains of recent times!). Like a mix of Firefly and Star Wars Rebels but with the visuals of a 90s Wildstorm comic, it’s an action packed thrill ride of a book, as you can see from the explosive cover, so be sure to support the series first foray onto Kickstarter

You can pledge support for issue #6 of The Last Sheriff here.