1. Sunday Digest 21/07/13 – this weekend’s must read digital comics | Pipedream Comics
    July 21, 2013 @ 8:43 am

    […] Erik Evensen’s self published graphic novel The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay reads like an episode of the X-Files meets Scooby Doo, as struggling paleoanthopologist Brian Wegman is recruited by the local sherrif of Wolfe’s Bay to help investigate a mysterious murder of two college kids by a giant ape like creature. With help from the sherrifs daughter, and folklorist Winifred, our intrepid team attempt to overcome the sceptics and non-believers and prove once and for all if this, and other unsolved disappearances in the town, are the work of the mysterious wendigo. There’s a constant danger with books like this that they can turn into turgid cliche, but thanks to Evensen’s light tone, stylish artwork and liberal use of in-jokes and geek culture references, The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay is a really fun and enjoyable read with a neat twist at the end. You can buy the Beast of Wolfe’s Bay via ComiXology for £5.99 and for more info read our in-depth interview with Erik Evensen. […]


  2. Sunday Digest 21/07/13 - this weekend's must read digital comics | Pipedream ComicsPipedream Comics
    July 30, 2013 @ 10:02 pm

    […] It’s been a bumper week for must-read digital comics thank to the San Diego Comic Con, but here are some of our favourites for you to enjoy in the Sunday Digest, including Top Shelf’s Monster on the Hill, PJ Holden and Si Spurrier’s Numbercruncher and Erik Evensen’s The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay. […]


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