Comic Scene UK – a new magazine looking at the comics in the UK to debut in May

After lamenting the lack of a decent UK comics magazine in our recent review of IDW’s new comics quarterly Full Bleed, we were delighted to discover that the fine folk at Comics Flix are set to debut their own monthly magazine called ComicScene UK. A showcase for the latest news, classic comics and graphic novels, as well as UK fandom and cosplay it looks set to shine a much needed eye on the UK comic scene and we hope bring together all the disparate strands of the UK scene together to celebrate the greatness of UK comics.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect in the first issue:

‘ComicScene UK’ will be a MAIL ORDER SUBSCRIPTION ONLY full colour quality monthly magazine with all your latest news and articles on classic comics, graphic novels, new titles and comic conventions.  It will be a showcase for fans including the best in Cosplay, UK fandom and stripzines now and from the last 50 years. The first limited edition 48+ page issue will be available from May 1st 2018, just prior to Free Comic Book Day, and then monthly from August.

Upcoming features in ComicScene UK will include;

Judge Dredd v Batman, Strontium Dog, DR and Quinch, Free Comic Book Day, Halo Jones, 80 years of the Beano, The Prisoner, Return of Roy of the Rovers, Six Million Dollar Man v Mach One, Charley’s War, 20 years of DownTheTubes, 40 years of Starlord and Misty, 50 years of fandom and comic con, 30 years of Tank Girl, Deadline & Hellblazer, Vertigo at 25, the new Doctor Who Jodi Whittaker, Superman at 80, Tales of Captain Britain, plus all the latest news and gossip from the comic, small press, cosplay and related media industry from some of the best writers in the business!

They have also recently anounced that UK comics legend Pat Mills will be writing a column, as well as releasing a first look at the cover for issue #1

As part of the build up to the launch, ComicScene are offering a 12 issue for the price of 11 subscription offer from their store here. And there are also offers on 6 issues or the first collectors edition first issue.

Each issue is £8.50 (For Europe, America, Canada and Worldwide) and you can email direct for more details!