The Best Indie and Small Press Comics 2018 #100-51

It was no easy task whittling down our list of the best 50 indie and small press comics, and as proof of just how hard, here are the 50 comics that didn’t quite make the grade, but many of which were reviewed on the site this year! And there are a few which we didn’t get round to, but which were equally deserving of a mention!

#51 The Incredible Bun (Madius Comics)
Madius Comics tale of a giant rabbit in the city. Read our full review here.

#52 Widdershins: Curtain Call
Kate Ashwin

‘s magical webcomic comes to an epic conclusion – or does it?!

#53 The Water Spirit: Gamayun Tales
Slavic folktales from Nobrow. Read our full review here.

#54 Friendo (Vault Comics)
Alex Paknadel and Martin Simmonds  world of a dystopian digital assistant. Read our full review here

#55 The Show (Jed McPherson)
A man and his teddy get locked in a room for your viewing pleasure. Read our review here

#56 Monkey Nuts volume 2
The Etherington Brothers’ monkey and robot detective agency are back for more crazy adventures!

#57 Terrible Means (Avery Hill Publishing)
B.Mure returns to the world of Ismyre for this prequel from Avery Hill.

#58 Magpie (Throwaway Press)
Kathryn Briggs contemplative comics are made on maps and books, making them completely unique. Read our review here.

#59 Permanent Press (Avery Hill Publishing)
Luke Healy joins the Avery Hill roster with this collection of 3 meticulous stories.

#60 Tales of the Fractured Mind
Roddy McCance’s collection of mental health stories. Read our review here.

#61 Frankenstein Texas
Mary Shelley meets the wild west as Dr Frankenstein and his monster head out on a wagon train. Read our review here.

#62 Our Final Halloween
Five kinds in a blood soaked room try to figure out what the hell’s going on in Mike Garley and Michael Lee Graham’s seasonal one shot. Read our full review here

#63. Glorious Wrestling Apocalypse
Josh Hicks’ wrestling small press spectacular is back for another round! Read our review here.

#64 Comichaus Anthology
Back after a short break, and replaces ongoing stories with a series of excellent one shots.

#65 Awesome Comics
It started with a podcast, and now it’s an 3 story anthology. Read out review here.

#66 The Vigilant (Rebellion Entertainment)
Rebellion revives a group of classic Brit superheroes and reinvents them for the 21st century.

#67 Plagued vol 2 (Vault Comics)
All ages post-apocalyptic action from Vault Comics.

#68 NPC Tea
Sarah Millman’s tale of fantastical creature in a Cardiff tea shop continues to excel.

#69 Lizard Men (Comichaus)
A rock star become prime minister, only to be ruled by intergalatic aliens. Read our full review here.

#70 A Projection (Avery Hill Publishing)
Seek an Hui’s quirky tale of a photogapher who is also a nanny. Read our full review here.

#71 Slang Pictorial
Nick Prolix’s cockney anthology is like the best newspaper strip you’ve never read.

#72 Transylvanian Knights
Comichaus reinvent the Dracula myth with a new all action angle. Read our review here.

#73 Ruthless
A dark take on the cult of superheroes and their influence on young kids. Read our review here.

#74 Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects
A loving throwback to the days of pithy one liners and plucky adventurers overcoming adversity through quick wits, and occasionally quicker fists. Read our review here.

#75 Freedom Bound (BHP Comics)
Three fascinating stories about slavery in Scotland, based on true stories.

#76 Resurrection Men
What would you do if you found out you could undo death? Read our review here.

#77 Cicadian Rhythms (Madius Comics)
All action, fantasy one shot from Madius Comics with artwork from Gutaffo Vargas.

#78 Cognition #4
Ken Reynolds’ supernatural sleuths finish their first arc.

#79 Sliced Quarterly
Ken Reynold’s experimental anthology continues to push the boundaries of small press story-telling.

#80 Boat volume 3
More bleak, water-logged Scottish dystopian sci-fi from David Lumsden. Like The Walking Dead, but set in Scotland. Read our review here

#81 Strike Team Codename Diamond Force
The greatest 80s action movie that was never made. With artwork from Lucasz Kowalczuk. Read our review here.

#82 Radio On Broadcast #4
The latest issue of this music inspired anthology. Read our review here

#83 Erol vs Evil
Explore the crazy world of Darrell Thorpe’s brain! Read our review here

#84. Submerged (Vault Comics)
A young girl must rescue her brother from a subway underwater and ends up being trasported into another world. Read our review here.

#85. Herebey Dragons
A young boy discovers a world of dragons hidden in jewels when he visits an antique shop with his mother. Read our review here.

#86 Glacier City
Crime noir in a frozen small town in Alaska, courtesy of Copperhead’s Jay Faerber. Read our review here

#88 Little Heroes Anthology
Aaron Rackley’s initiaive to bring comics to kids in hospital gets it’s own all ages anthology as a fundraiser. Read our review here.

#87 Gallant and Amos (Fair Spark Books)
A knight and a dragon go off on hilarious adventures in this debut from Aaron Rackley’s Fair Spark Books. Read our review here.

#89 Anxiety Me
A look at how anxiety can manefest itself in it’s sufferers, told with beautofil watercolour art from Nicole Bates. Read our review here.

#90 Bruce
David B Cooper retells the story of Jaws from the point of view of the shark!

#91 Daddy Day
Good Comics’ Sam Williams looks at fatherhood. Read our review here.

#92 Dead Singers vol 4
Good Comics’ collection of stories inspired by late musicians. Read our review here.

#93 Horde Comics
A fantastic debut anthology from our own Andy CT. Read our review here.

#94 Overlord
Sian Jefferson’s quirky fantasy adventure.

#95 Milford Green
A quirky scientist encounters aliens in Victorian England. Read our full review here.

#96 Mixtape
Garry Moloney’s anthology of short stories. Read our review here.

#97 Grow A Pair
GOOF’s Marc Jackson channels his inner Mark Millar to get all R-rated on our asses!

#98 The Eelman Chronicles
If you thought your Dad was a bit weird, then you’ve got nothing on Chris Spralton’s! Read our review here.

#99 Operation Boom #3
Reckless Hero’s all action arcade adventure returns.

#100 Superfreaks
Part of the ComiXology Originals stable, sees a group of superhero sidekicks left to save the world. Read our review here.