Best of 2014: Madefire is the best Digital Comics App of the Year

App-of-the-Year-2014As a warm up to our year-end awards and the prestigious Digital Comic of the Year poll, (which will be coming very soon), we decided to get our readers in the voting spirit with a poll to tell us which was the best digital comics app and reveal the Pipedream Comics’ App of the Year 2014.

We picked what we thought were the 9 best, (and then gave readers a 10th option to tell us where we were completely wrong!). They got voting and we can now announce the winner is…

Digital-Comic-App-of-the-Year-2014-WinnerMadefire for iPad and iPhone

It’s a landslide win for the motion book publisher’s app for iPad and iPhone with a whopping 47% of the votes!

“With it’s new expanded storefront, it’s roster of cutting edge original titles (including some amazing new indie titles), as well as big name titles from Dark Horse, DC, Valiant and more, 2014 has been the year that Madefire became a bonafide contender in the digital comics marketplace.”
Pipedream Comics editor Alex Thomas

Madefire Editor Ben Abernathy reacted to this win by telling us “It was an honor to be nominated with so many terrific folks and we’re excited for what 2015 hold for us all. You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Here’s how the ranking listed…

1.  Madefire (47%)
2.  Sequential (24%)
3.  Comics Plus (11%)
4.  Comics by ComiXology (7%)
Comics Fix (6%)
6=  Apple iBooks (2%)
6=  Other (2%)
8=  Dark Horse Comics (1%)
8=  Scrollon (1%)
8=  Thrillbent (1%)

Total votes: 351 You can view the poll itself here