Writers and artists wanted for digital crime anthology comic based on Torsobear characters from recent Outré Press anthology

Great news for fans of quirky teddy bear based crime comics as Torsobear, our favourite title from the recent Outré Press digital anthology Hopelessness, is set to get it’s own series but it needs your help. Creator Brett Uren has put out an APB saying ‘writers and artists wanted‘ so get in touch you could be part of this exciting new series!

TorsobearFor those who are new to the world of Outré Press, it’s a Norwegian digital anthology put together by publisher Glenn Møane. In the most recent instalment – ‘Hopelessness’ – the stand out title was Brett Uren’s Torsobear a crime noir set in the sugar-coated (but dark at heart) world of Toyburg. The Hopelessness episode was like the Black Dahlia meets Teddy Ruxpin with a generous dose of Robert Crumb style artwork and is worth downloading Outré #2 just for that reason. However Torsobear’s creator is looking to expand the character’s world and create his own crime anthology and is looking for open submissions from writers and artists.

Brett tell us “I’ve created a whole history and ecosystem for the world of Toyburg, so any stories or art would have to adhere to some guidelines I have set out, but are otherwise free to tell their own story. I’ll be contributing a couple more stories about Ruxby Bear too, to give the thing an overarching plot. I’ll be editing along with Glenn Møane of Outré, and we’re looking at talking to publishers or crowdfunding it when the book has taken more shape.”

Any interested parties can visit torsobear.com or can drop him a message here to get the guidelines. (And tell him Pipedream Comics put you in touch!)