WebComics Round-Up: Emm Roy, Latest Kate, Eat My Paint, Boumeries

Our US correspondent and webcomic guru Rebecca Hail takes a look at four more great Web Comics that she recommends as a quick way to get a laugh in your day. From Tumblr to Twitter, you’ll be sure to find one to brighten your day and make you chuckle so we pick four of our favourites that you have got to know about. As always, we encourage you to go and support your favourites by sharing, liking, and maybe becoming a patreon supporter of them.

Emm Roy

I was introduced to this comic by a great friend of mine and have been hooked ever since. Uplifting, positive, and sure to bring a bit of joy into your heart, her comics are simple, just a picture, basic color schemes, and a phrase. Honestly, I cannot emphasize enough how encouraging these comics are. There is one for every situation you or a friend may face. Wonderful to share, or to scroll through when you need a pick me up. She also creates a brilliant fake diary series that features herself and a cat with various other animals expressing everyday sentiments. Done in black and white, it gives a different feel than her other comics, and shows the range of the artist. Both comics are worth checking out, for either a lift or a laugh.

Find her comics here: Patreon Twitter Tumblr Facebook

Latest Kate

Another positive force in the comicsphere, Latest Kate takes animals, both real and magical, and turns them into works of art that can help the reader through tough times. With a special emphasis on mental health, she guides people to a bright spot on days where depression and/or anxiety has taken hold. It is one of my favourite comics to turn to when I need a bit of magic and a reality check when things are out of control. The colors she uses are calming and vibrant without being overwhelming and the overall tone is like a warm from the dryer blanket hug from your bestie. As you read through her work, rarely will you find a cliche phrase and each feels completely genuine in its support.

Find her comics here: Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram Patreon

Eat My Paint

These comics are made in Paint, my favorite Microsoft program to date.  Have you ever tried to create something in Paint that was actual art and not a bunch of random lines you claimed was art deco? The artistry in these comics cannot be overlooked. The sheer talent in using Paint is admirable and stands out among all the other webcomics found today. Colorful, bright, and funny. All the jokes are wonderfully executed, from the short panels to the long. Beyond his gregarious wit, he does a Pokemon Friday and brings two forms of nostalgia into one. A great place to go and get a chuckle before facing the world.

Find him at: Tapas Twitter Book Facebook  Tumblr Patreon


A wonderful slice of life comic that points out the humor in everyday mundane happenings. Presented in a classic monochromatic style, this comic doesn’t melt into the background, but rather stands out against the other brightly colored comics of today.  Sharp and laugh-out-loud funny, this is one worth checking in on for daily updates. Beside writing a great comic journal in English, she also publishes her comics in French so they are accessible across Canada, EU, and US. But have no fear, this isn’t just a run of mill journal. There’s plenty of nerdy references, looking at you Breath of Wind, and times where you will feel she’s taken a look into your own life and soul. A great comic to check out!

Find the artist here: Website Facebook Tumblr Patreon Books Twitter