WebComics Round-Up: Kit Draws, Raydred Studios, Enzo Comics, Tales of Absurdity

Our US correspondent and webcomic guru Rebecca Hail takes a look at four more great Web Comics this week that she recommends as a quick way to get a laugh in your day. From Tumblr to Twitter, you’ll be sure to find one to brighten your day and make you chuckle so we pick four of our favourites that you have got to know about. As always, we encourage you to go and support your favourites by sharing, liking, and maybe becoming a patreon supporter of them.

Kit Draws

Recently, I was able to finally pick up A Man Walks A Dog by Kit and have been constantly showing my friends it whenever they come over because I want everyone to get to see the beautiful stories and art within. A type of slice of life/autobiographical/universal comic tinged with the realities of depression and anxiety, each strip is like a story within itself. Muted tones are the base for the majority of the comics found here, giving a calm feel to all the comics. The calm colours make easy to read through many at a time without getting that neon headache that seems to come with much brighter colours after a bit. The line work is also some of the best, and you should really check out the various illustrations Kit has done.

One of my favourites from this comic is Nom De Plume, from the very start because I can relate well to the idea of having a more fun name for creative things, and the long process of finding just the right one. The more recent ones I enjoy generally feature Pocket, the creator’s small, and very adorable dog. If you need a good comic that will make you feel a bit less alone, is calming to read, and lifts your spirits a bit, check out this comic (and don’t forget to pick up A Man Walks A Dog. It’s really good). These comics are truly like having a cup of coffee or tea with your good friend.

Find the comics here: Website Shop Twitter Instagram Tumblr

Raydred Studios

That Comic Thing creator and general wizard of wit. With no big storyline to follow, it is a great one to pick up and have a great laugh over, and then get sucked down into the archives. The art is kept simple, but wonderfully drawn, a true humor comic. This allows readers to focus on the true gem of these, the jokes. The commentary on life, and the wonderful twists of phrase will quickly have you hooked on That Comic Thing. It is obvious that the creator just wants to bring a little joy and laughter into your life, and that in itself makes this comic a delight to read.

If you’re curious as to one of my favourites, the owl and son joke he created for inktober still has me giggling days after it was first posted. If you want a comic that is smart, funny, and clever, do check out this comic. As an added bonus, you can hang out with the comic on his Twitch channel when he plays games! A nice treat to get to know the delightful, genuinely nice, and honestly funny artist behind the comic.

Find his comics here: Twitter Patreon Website Twitch

Enzo Comics

Adorable, cute, and aww-worthy are just a few word I would use to describe the artwork of Cheer Up, Emo Kid by Enzo. A mostly black and white comic, it follows relationships, love, life, loss, and everything in between. It is huff the air out of your nose quickly funny (because let’s be honest, we don’t actually laugh anymore), grossly inappropriate on just how delightful it is. If you need a comic to cheer up your day, this is the one that will do it. A truly precious comic everyone will enjoy.

Enzo is also one third of the comic known as Dungeon Construction. Following a team that constructs just about anything you need through design, magic, and storytelling, you’ll quickly be hooked. Bright, cheerful, and addictive, it is a great binge read comic that is perfect for lovers of Dungeons and Dragons.Found on Tapas and Twitter it is easy to keep up with.

Beyond the comics, Enzo also has a twitch stream where you can watch him create the latest comic. Occasionally, other artists will pop by and chat as well. If watching art isn’t your thing, but D&D is, he is apart of a great live play podcast known as World Walkers. Creative, hilarious, and worth both the read and watch. Drop by his comics, and channel and enjoy some great comics.

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Tales of Absurdity

The name of the comic does a great job of what it contains. With a range of topics from pop culture parodies to the ends of the human imagination, nothing is off limits in this comic. Alex Hoffman is an award winning artist, and generally funny person. Beautiful, classic art is what you will find when browsing the archives of this comic. A style like no other, you’ll quickly be drawn into the strips and find yourself hours later still thinking about and laughing quietly to yourself over the puns and jokes.

Easily digestible in two to three panels, it’s a good comic to start in if you are just dipping your toes into the world of webcomics. There have been times where I’ve been caught off guard by a well placed turn of word, and had to stop and go back to fully appreciate all that he had said. The Bitter Coffee strip is one of my favourites because I struggle with coffee shops getting my name right all the time too. Hilarious, creative, and will keep you on your toes. If you want a smart comic, you should give this one a go.

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