Web Comics Round-Up: Fowl Language, Awkward Yeti, Up And Out, Doodles For Food

For her first article on the site, our new US correspondent Rebecca Hail takes a look at four of the best Web Comics that she recommends as a quick way to get a laugh in your day. From Tumblr to Twitter, you’ll be sure to find one to brighten your day and make you chuckle so we pick four of our favourites that you have got to know about.

Fowl Language

Fowl Language created by Brian Gordon features fowls, well, ducks specifically, going through every day struggles. From parenting, to technology woes, anxiety, to little moments of joy, this comic has it all. A feel good, curse at your kids behind their backs comic. The characters  with their quick lines are sure to make you chuckle. A bright comic that gives humorous insight to our lives, it is always one to watch and keep on your radar. Available on Facebook, website, and twitter it’s not hard to find Gordon’s work and catch up on all the fowl fun.

Find these comics here: Facebook Tumblr Website Twitter

Awkward Yeti

If you have missed this comic, you would have had to been off the grid for quite some time now. The awkward yeti is Lars, a loveable, blue, slightly dorky guy. The socially awkward yeti is a creation of Nick Seluk. Along with Lars, are his various body parts, two of which have earned a spin off comic. Heart and Brain follow along an inner dialogue working together on life’s many problems, and minor inconveniences. While this is a fun and entertaining comic, it also explores the relationship between the Id, Ego, and Superego, with each character (Lars, Heart, and Brain) representing one of the three concepts. This cerebral comic speaks to the socially awkward and slightly unsure in all of us, while providing a little dash of humor.

Find him at: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Website Store

Up and Out

A semi-autobiographical comic, this follows Julia as she navigates her way through the world. This comic is not only important in the sense it is brilliantly written, drawn, and presented, but it shows the world through the eyes of a transgender woman. Truly, one of my favorite comics to read. Clever isn’t even a good enough word to use. Up and Out created by Julia Kaye is one of the few comics that can make me both laugh out loud, and sit back and take a look at the world we are in. If you have been looking for a comic that challenges you, but also gives you the warm, fuzzy feelings of being around a best friend. This is that comic. I honestly cannot recommend reading her stuff more.

Find her stuff here: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Patreon

Doodles for Food

Whimsical, colorful, and delightful are all wonderful verbs to describe this collection of comics. Megan McKay is an artist that brings to life basically everything. Using clean lines, bright colors and a little bit of sass she creates a world that is easy to escape into and laugh along with. Whether she is doodling animals, people, or things, every comic she creates is a joy. If you are ever feeling blue, just wrap yourself in a blanket burrito, grab a snack, and log on to her site. You’ll be feeling warm and cozy in no time at all. And if you haven’t found him yet, the Unipegasaurus is a favourite of mine, and will quickly become one of yours too with his unassuming charm.

Find her comics here: Website Facebook Twitter Patreon One True Dinosaur