The Sunday Digest – 17/6/13 (This weekend’s essential reads)

The Pipedream Comics Sunday Digest is going to take on a new format this week. Instead of rounding up the week’s stories from the website, we’re going to do some quick reviews of some great digital comics which we’ve been enjoying this week, but not reviewed fully on the site. Enjoy…

Superman_Unchained_Vol_1_1_ComboSuperman Unchained #1 (DC Comics)
After a somewhat underwhelming run on Justice League as part of DC’s 52 relaunch, Jim Lee is returning to the artists chair with the guidance of current Batman scribe Scott Snyder. Always one to pair himself with the biggest names in the industry Lee’s artwork is as supreme as ever, while Snyder’s dark stories give the book the kind of edge that was so sorely lacking in Geoff Johns’ Justice League. Also features an incredibly self-indulgent 4 page poster spread – I guess that’s what you get when you’re the boss!
Available via ComiXology and DC Comics app for £2.99/$3.99

crater_xv_cover_sm_lgHeck and Crater XV (Top Shelf Comix)
Fresh from the pages of our favourite digital anthology Double Barrel the adventures of Army Shanks and Hector ‘Heck’ Hammerskjold and his sidekick Elliot are now collected in individual volumes, available from ComiXology for £6.99. Although it loses a little something (but only a little!) without them being together in Double Barrel l with all the awesome extras, both books are stunningly original and full of fantastic dialogue and art from the brilliant (but not related) Kevin and Zander Cannon.
Available via ComiXology for £6.99 per volume/$10.99

manhattan_projects_12Manhattan Projects #12 (Image Comics)
Jonathan Hickman’s twisted look at the space race and cold war gets cosmic this month with the relvation that Enrico Fermi is an alien. How will Oppenheimer, Einsten, Feynman and co. cope with this dramatic news. Just when you think you have got your head around where this book is heading, Hickman throws in another wierd and wonderful twist. One of the most original books around with stunning artwork from Nick Pitarra (channelling the great Geof Darrow) and exquisite colouring from Jordie Bellarie who make each issue something truly unique. It also has the most stunningly designed cover and intro pages around!
Available via ComiXology and the Image Comics app for £1.99/$2.99

Bandthology_KBP_store_originalBandthology (King Bone Comics)
This superb band-themed indie comics compendium from King Bone Comics is available via Packed full of original stories that range from simple 2 page strips to multi-age, existential angst epics this a treat for anyone who has been in a band or only ever dreamed of it. Highlights of this first issue include The Beast In Me by Dan Dougherty (all about the lure of fame) and Death of a Frontman by Jon Westhoff and Bobgar Ornelas (a twisted take on band loyalty and marketeering).
Bandthology is available via for just $0.99