The future of digital comics is now as Madefire and DeviantArt team up to bring motion comics to the world!


The Madefire team’s plan for world domination has taken another step closer to fruition today with the announcement of an exclusive partnership with digital art community DeviantART. Having taken over the world of the iPad, and more recently the iPhone and iPod touch too, with titles such as Captain Stone is Missing (Pipedream Comics Digital Comic of the Year), Mono and Treatment the team of Liam Sharp and Ben Wolstenholme have blazed a trail that have left many competitors in the dust. With this deal their innovative brand of ‘motion comics’ will be available to the 28 million members of DeviantART community around the world to enjoy on any desktop PC, and is set to expand their readership to new heights.As well as this fantastic pairing, Madefire have also turned developer and introduced a beta program that will allow artists access to their revolutionary ‘motions comics’ tool. DeviantART members will be given the opportunity to make their ground breaking digital titles using Madefire‘s tools and publish them directly to the site.

Writing on the Madefire blog Sharp had this to say:Madefire has come full-circle, right back to the place that we started, and the virtual environment that spawned the original concept. We have managed to replicate the Madefire experience for the web, making it available to everybody with a home PC for the very first time within the world’s biggest creative environment – DeviantART. We haven’t sacrificed any of the interactivity. It’s still reading, not watching. You control the stories on the web just as you did on the app.”

Soon you’ll be able to build and read your own Madefire books all on one platform. Fan/ artist/ publisher – the same. And also within one domain. We don’t know where this next stage will take us – we’re pioneers! Nobody has seen these mountains before, let alone what’s on the other side of them! – But we DO know it’s one hell of an exciting endeavor to be undertaking. And also – It’s great to be home!”

Launched with the amazing banner you see above from Senior DeviantART member ArtGerm this is a brave new world for the Madefire guys and we can’t wait to see what comes out of it.