Tapastic Webcomic Weekly – round-up of the world’s best webcomics featuring The Outer Door and Anything But Nothing

We’re unveiling a new feature this week, the Tapastic Webcomic Weekly, a guide to some of the world’s best webcomics available on Tapastic the brilliant iPad and iPhone webcomic app. This week’s batch of webcomics featured on Tapastic showcases Yufei’s The Outer Door and Kelly Angel’s Anything About Nothing, both available via the Tapastic app!


The Outer Door by Yufei

Reminiscent of 80’s classics such as The Goonies or Monster Squad, Yufei’s The Outer Door focuses on five teenagers, who come across a house and a host that aren’t quite what they seem. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, and Yufei showcases a keen eye for detail as each character is given a unique type of speech bubble representing how they feel and sound like in the moment. The fluid style is mixed with small flourishes such as the use of white highlights (reminiscent of the best of Dean White).

The story starts with a playful tone full of friendly banter and we are introduced to an incredible eccentric host, but as the story progresses it becomes more and more clear that this story is about to take a very dark turn. The artwork becomes an extension of this as the transition from vibrant colors become ever so consumed by more and more panels of absolute black. Be warned, it’s about to get scary.

 You can read the The Outer Door by clicking here 


Anything About Nothing by Kelly Angel

Taking the online webcomic world by storm, Kelly Angel’s Anything About Nothing is simply never not funny. With posts reaching tens of thousands of notes, it’s clear that Kelly has found a secret formula to success and it’s thanks to her wonderfully emotive illustrations (and the cats don’t hurt either).

You can view any of Kelly’s comics and not read a single word but know full well of what’s happening thanks to her mastery of facial expressions and body language. Each panel becomes a punchline, and each joke is enriched tenfold.

You can read Anything About Nothing by clicking here

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