‘Tales to Admonish’ team to release new noir digital anthology BLACK/WHITE

Last month we took at look at Australian anthology Tales to Admonish in our Sunday Digest, well today we’ve been told about their next project, a new noir digital anthology BLACK/WHITE and they’ve given us a first look.

With a cover & assemblage by Tales to Admonish’s Matt Kyme and words by Andrez Bergen of ‘Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?’ it’s described by the guys as “A punch‐drunk blur of noir and dystopia” and is set to feature an anthology of international artists including Canadians Drezz Rodriguez and Michael Grills, American Nathan St John, British artist Andrew Chiu and Argentinian Marcos Vergara alongside Aussies Bergen and Kyme. You can see some of the great artwork in the first issue below.

According to Bergen, “BLACK/WHITE is an exploration of both hues (black and white) along with the subtleties between the two. The focus here is NOIR, along with a darkly comic sense of humour. These yarns futher veer into the territory of crime, suicide and post‐apolyptic dystopia — and that’s just for starters.”

BLACK/WHITE will be published as a hard‐copy by new indie Australian house IF? COMMIX in March, but a digital version is already available to pre‐order (for just $1) here