Untold #1 (The Untold Comic)

A trip to a comic convention always brings a whole treasure trove of new comics. Some by writers and artists already established on the circuit while others by creators who are a little more new to the game. Today we focus on one of the later with Untold, an unnerving horror title by Daniel Farrand, Johannes Vick and the rest of their creative team, Untold Productions. Will this comic be a treat or will it scare the readers away?

Publisher: Untold Productions
Writer: Daniel Farrand
Artist: Johannes Vick (Art/Cover), Peter Palmiotti (Inks), Mike Adkins (Cover Letters), Eria Vick, Interior Letters
Price: £2.99 at facebook.com/TheUntoldComic

Untold tells the story of Alice, a young girl whose carer and best friend, her grandfather, disappears suddenly when she is six years old. As time passes and Alice grows up to be the headstrong sixteen year old still questioning her family over her grandfather’s disappearance, persistence pays off when she is finally able to acquire some answers. However, her journey to learn the truth may become a decision she regrets when finally coming face to face with grandpa, she discovers the unsettling location and people he now coexists with, as well as sinister, unseen being who may be calling the shots.

With this comic, Daniel Farrand and Johannes Vick have produced a very unsettling comic book which, while confusing at time, offers a good number of plot threads to keep the reader intrigued. The title gives off a vibe somewhere along the lines of Locke and Key in its plot, although with an exceptionally darker tone and being very much a psychological horror title mixed with a hint of a thriller story, as referenced by both the ‘bridge club’ and the mysterious menace who we get only glimpses of. Of course, the downside to this book is it’s main character, as Alice doesn’t feel very established and in fact, comes across as very abrasive, making it difficult for readers to empathise with her.

Meanwhile, the art is equally hot and cold. The monochrome colours suit the feel of the story and the hints of colour (such as a yellow background when Alice is struck or a woman’s red dress in a crowded recreation hall) shake things up and makes things pop while not being too different. However, at the same time pages like the two page colour shot of the home, while breathtaking, seem a little out of place against all the black and white. Also, the quality of the art style seems to drop quite suddenly about eight pages in, going from some truly detailed and gorgeous panels to ones which are much simpler and rougher.

All in all, while it is very much a comic of extremes, Untold is still a comic which is brimming with potential. This issue isn’t perfect, but it still begins what could be an interesting tale as it sets up background on what could be very layered characters. If you like your horror with a little more subtlety then take a look at this because it might be the start of something good.