Review: Mono: Pacific #3 (Madefire)

Mono Pacific 3Madefire‘s Mono: Pacific #3 continues to go from strength to strength with every new instalment. This time the British human-ape secret agent enters a top secret Japanese military base where he uncovers a trap that’s been set for the Allied forces, but can it justify it’s new price tag?

Mono Pacific 3Publisher: Madefire
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Sergio Sandoval
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Covers: Sergio Sandoval & Diego Rodriguez
Price: £0.69/$0.99 from Madefire

Mono: Pacific #3 continues the pulp adventure motion book series as our titular hero has infiltrated the hidden Japanese military installation. We learn that Mono’s Intel for this mission has been correct (apart from the genetically modified gorillas) and that his Japanese lessons have come in useful. He interrogates an ape-soldier and finds his way to an office and sets about gathering the required information. This is where he discovers a different kind of Gorilla soldier (you’ll love it trust us) and uncovers a deadly trap that’s been set and that he is the bait…

What we love most about this series is the way author Brian Wood has brought the character of Mono to life. In every episode we learn more about Mono’s special abilities. Here we learn that he has an almost Vulcan-like ability to ‘mind meld’ with animals within the natural world. He gets a series of images to decipher, rather than human words, but we have to admit it’s a good ability to have and look forward to seeing it used in future episodes.

Sergio Sandoval’s art is going from strength-to-strength and we particularly love his over-sized gorilla soldiers. There are also some incredible uses of motion in this edition with panels panning up and down, left to right and with the Mono character literally running fluidly through each frame. Diego’s muted colour palette, full of greens and browns, is perfectly suited to this title and the red of the Japanese flags jump out like bloody bullet wounds.

The music and SFX team have pulled out all the tricks once again. The SFX stands out in this episode with its ultra effective use of bubbles and water. The atmospheric, oriental drum backing sounds are accompanied by military style drums and strings. Action is punctured by bursts of John Williams style music and they lend Mono: Pacific an Indiana Jones vibe. This team really deserve their praise as they bring so much to the motionbook table.

Unfortunately Mono: Pacific isn’t free anymore – but don’t let this put you off as 69p is peanuts for this kind of quality entertainment. There really isn’t anything else like Mono: Pacific on sale at the moment. So join the Mono adventure today – you won’t regret it!

pd_review4“As well as more great pulp action we are beginning to learn more about the character and abilities of Mono in Mono: Pacific #3 which gives the whole series an added depth. With the quicker release schedule thanks to it’s new writer and artist it’s great to be able to enjoy this Madefire original grow and develop with every instalment.”