Last Driver (Dead Canary Comics)

Last Driver Official CoverWe’ve all had crappy days at work, but what would you do if that dull day in the office was suddenly interrupted by giant mutant space monsters smashing the world to bits? Well, if you’re Last Driver’s Frank Sudden, you pack up your stuff, steal your bosses car and head off onto the highway to kick ass and make dinosaur barbecue.

Last Driver Official CoverPublisher: Dead Canary Comics
Writer: Chris ‘C.S.’ Baker
Artist: Shaky Kane
Price: £5.99 digital £11.99 print from Dead Canary Comics Store

Our rating: [star rating=”4.5″]

And so begins the legend of the Last Driver from Dead Canary Comics. After this short but sweet origin, our hero Frank heads off on a journey across the American highways in his Corvette, before being captured and thrown into a Gladiator style arena where he must fight for his life, his freedom, and the ultimate prize – his car (complete with a couple of cheeky cheerleaders!).

Writer Chris ‘C.S.’ Baker revels in the trashy post-event world that he has created, with hero Frank a cliched no-nonsense ass-kicker, who has none of the niceties or manners of a modern hero. He is a throwback to those classic 70s and 80s no-nonsense heroes who are crude and rude, but get the job done and Baker doesn’t worry about political correctness or good manners getting in the way if it’s going to slow down the story. As such it’s not really very ‘all-ages friendly’ with some fruity language, lots of blood and violence and an entire x-rated dream sequence that sees Frank star in his own porn movie. Fortunately, it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, and the whole thing feels very tongue in cheek with the irony levels cranked up to maximum, all of which allows the story to go off into wierder and more outrageous avenues than you could ever imagine!

Baker is aided on this journey, by indie legend Shaky Kane, whose mix of eye-popping detail and hyper-real colours is perfect for this trashy, mutated world of monsters and mayhem. Kane’s style his quintessentially his own, and he has a real confidence in his work, mixing Kirby style linework with 50s style monster book mutants, all rendered in his trademark bright primary colours. It creates this utterly unique world that feels like Mad Max making a guest apperance in Tales of Suspense and Shaky takes Baker’s unique ideas and runs with them, egging each other on to be more outrageous and over the top with every panel as they attempt to create the ultimate gonzo action road movie!

Like Baker, Kane  isn’t held back by the delicacies of the modern world, drawing busty slave girls, lecherous villains and lumbering monsters for his ultra macho hero to fight for and against. So if all this sounds like your kind of story, then buckle up because the Last Driver never lets it’s foot of the gas until it delivers a crazy, high octane, all action thrill ride that is completely one of a kind!