Review: Come Back To Me Again (Europe Comics)

Comics is now a global medium thanks to international publishers like Europe Comics bringing fascinating titles to our attention from all other the world. A great example of this is the extraordinary Come Back To Me Again, part of the blossoming Polish comics scene.

Publisher: Europe Comics
Writer: Bartosz Sztybor
Artist: Wojciech Stefaniec
Price: £2.49 on ComiXology

Wojciech Stefaniec is an award winning Polish comics author and illustrator. With Bartosz Sztybor, a scriptwriter for both films and comics, Stefaniec has collaborated to bring us his latest autobiographical effort, Come Back To Me Again.

Stefaniec has had previous success with Noir (also available via Europe Comics) and has had several other comics published in his native Poland.

 Come Back To Me Again is a brilliantly colourful book. It is a story of addiction and the journey to recovery. Stefaniec portrays feeling through colour magnificently both physically and mentally.

The comic also includes different styles of art – there is watercolour and collage breaking up reality and imagination.

Sztybor accentuates this with his script. The dialogue flicks between what our protagonist is thinking and his actual conversations. The pair are very adept at getting you inside the mind of the protagonist.

They highlight the cycle of repetition that addicts of love, drugs or alcohol go through when trying to quit or get over someone. The nagging feeling you might be able to get it back or the constant worry that you might relapse. It’s relentless.

It’s a hectic journey – the panels are large, small, wide and narrow. They are a topsy-turvy maze looking through a window into the mind of a life addict.

Come Back To Me Again is non-stop – there are no chapters and the words and pictures just keep on coming. You can’t help but read on both through a desire to see how it ends and for the lack of an appropriate place to take a break.

Through Europe Comics, Polish graphic novels are slowly making their way onto the British market and there appears to be plenty of high quality material coming our way. Come Back to Me is a fine example of that.