Avengers: Millenium Infinite #1 (Marvel Comics)

Avengers Millenium InfiniteOn the eve of the Avengers assault on the Age of Ultron in their second big screen outing this summer, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get their own Infinite adventure to whet the appetite of all their fans in Avengers: Millenium Infinite #1. But will this be as epic as we all expect, or will will this tale be more finite than infinite?

Avengers Millenium InfinitePublisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Mike Costa
Artists: Carmine Di Giandomenico(Pencils/Inker), Andres Mossa(Colours), Travis Lanham(Letterer)
Price: £1.99/$2.99 from ComiXology

In Avengers: Millenium Infinite #1, while holidaying in rural Japan, the Scarlet Witch discovers a massive weapon underneath a small Hydra base which gives her a bad feeling and immediately dispatches her brother Quicksilver to get the only people that can help, the Avengers. Now, Earth Mightiest Heroes; Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, Black Widow and Hawkeye, along with the twins, must battle through the Hydra forces to secure the time portal within their control. However, things don’t go to plan when they find the portal hasn’t been used. The bad guys wouldn’t not use a time portal…..unless they knew they were going to win.

While this title should certainly have an epic feel to it, given the A-list cast of characters included, sadly the story displayed in the first issue doesn’t feel as if it has landed the right punches. Mike Costa certainly sets up the overall arc nicely, adding a lot of humour and camaraderie between characters, in particular Spider-man and Hawkeye. However, much of the plot feels very contrived and the issue gives off a sense it is only there to set up the action of the following issues.

The art at least is passable with Carmine Di Giandomenico doing a serviceable job on this issue, providing a great eye for detail within every panel, especially with regards to many of the horizons and landscapes. Alongside Marvel Infinite layout artist veterans, Geoffo and Mast, he is also is able to utilize the digital technology superbly  as the transition between panels is practically seamless. However, the colours in most of the book do give the entire book a rather dull and dour sense, which is a bit of an adjustment given the usual, vibrant and bombastic nature of superheroes comics and other Infinite titles.

pd_review2half“Despite having some of Marvel’s biggest names, Avengers: Millenium Infinite #1 fails to live up to it’s A-list billing. While the creative team have undoubtedly worked hard to put together a quality book, this first issue feels more like a prolonged set up for future issues than a compelling introduction to an exciting new Avengers adventure.”