Aliens/Vampirella #1 (Dynamite Entertainment/Dark Horse Comics)

Aliens VampirellaIn some circles the use of a / denotes a romantic pairing rather than “versus” which makes first impressions of Aliens/Vampirella rather hilarious. Fortunately writer Corinna Sara Bechko (Heathentown) and artist Javier Garcia-Miranda have blended together claustrophobic Alien terror with classic Vampirella story-telling in Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse’s Aliens/Vampirella. Seeing is believing.

Aliens VampirellaPublisher: Corinna Sara Bechko
Writer: Javier Garcia-Miranda
Artist: Dynamite Entertainment
Price: £1.49 from Comixology

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If you’ve never read a Vampirella comic ever, and have only seen her wearing very little, don’t let that put you off giving Aliens/Vampirella a flick through. The cover to issue one is misleading because Vampirella is mostly running around in a grey jump suit – to better fit in with the scientists working around Mars Base One. Yeah we’re in space!

We begin with a mysterious hooded pair being pursued. Boom! Page two we get a full page of Xenomorph goodness. Needless to say, in good Alien style, this pair of vampires are no match for the Xenomorph and are dispatched with a maximum amount of ick. We are then introduced to Vampirella coming out of cryosleep as her spaceship comes into land on Mars. Turns out that Base One was built on top of ancient ruins that they need Vampirella to identify. While this may seem a little flimsy as a premise to get her out to mars, the rest of the story for issue one is stronger.

The writing moves the story on at a fair clip – the final page is well worked up to and is fabulous in its execution – and is a great starting point for those who haven’t read any Vampirella at all. And this first issue does stay true to Alien staples as well, but maybe this crossover isn’t a match made on Mars. Further issues will tell.

The artwork is very well executed throughout, from the crisp clinical base lines to the more organic dark depths of the ancient ruins. Each of the characters has some nice body language – a real skill in showing and not telling throughout the comic. And as previously mentioned, the last page is spectacular and a great place to finish this first issue.

It should be noted that issue one does not delve into any of Vampirella’s back story – so you may want to do a little digging before jumping in. However, you will get a good look into her character and who knows? You may just want to investigate more Vampirella comics afterwards.

pd_review3Aliens/Vampirella is a good starting point for those who’ve never read a Vampirella comic – all the vampire goodness blended with some Alien staples. A thoroughly enjoyable comic for older audiences.”

Author: Charlie Humphries