Ready For Your Gross Up: T Pub Launches Film Competition

neil-banner-2-e1462057504372If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a film-maker, then our good friends at TPub (publishers of Twisted Dark and Theatrics) have just the competition for you, as they want you to make a movie, inspired by their comics.

T Pub, publishers of the Twisted Dark horror anthology series, have uploaded 4 scripts to act as the stimulus, plus an example of their own making, So Easy, which is well worth watching in advance for a feel of the appropriate mise-en-scene if nothing else.

With a prize pot of $5,000, which by March of next year should equate to about the same (if not more) when converted to pounds (or groats as I’m sure we’ll have to call our currency come the spring) this new filmmaking competition, launched by TPub will, no doubt, have a lot of interest from both the USA and the UK.

Reading the press release, T Pub aren’t necessarily looking for a finely polished piece. Rather, they are looking for innovative storytelling on film. And, while it’s not essential to have read the comics, it wouldn’t hurt. Especially as many can be read for free online at T Pub’s official website right here.


You can register on and once you’ve filmed your magnum opus simply upload it onto your own YouTube channel, or some other similar channel, and then send a link to the guys at TPub.

While the website isn’t live yet, they are easy to find on the web, on Twitter, Facebook and the usual hangouts.
Not only does the winning entry scoop up the pot of gold promised, but the shortlisted films and winning entry will have its debut at the Chicago City Comic Con in April 2017, after being mentored by Jamie Childs, director of Sky 1 and Stan Lee’s joint TV venture, Lucky Man.

So, if you fancy yourself as this generation’s Wes Craven or Dario Argento, get filming and get involved.