News: UK’s largest comic art convention releases Thought Bubble Anthology digital comic via ComiXology

This November the 3rd annual Thought Bubble Convention will happen in Leeds in the UK. To celebrate this year’s events the organisers have teamed up with Image Comics to produce The Thought Bubble Anthology digital comic, a collection of exclusive comics from some of the conventions attendees as well as some of the best of the UK comics scene. It’s available digitally via ComiXology now for £2.49 or $3.99 with all proceeds going to UK Children’s charity Banardo’s.

The Thought Bubble event takes place in Leeds from the 17th-24th with a two day convention on the 23rd and 24th featuring comic book writers and artists from all over the globe.

Featuring a variety of original titles from industry heavyweights from around the world, alongside shining new stars of the UK comics scene it’s aim is to show fans who are attending the two day event the sheer diversity of the world of comics and sequential art. One of he highlight is the irst ever meeting of Richard Starkings’. Hip Flask from Elephantmen and 2000ad’s Judge Dredd (and Judge Anderson). As you’d expect from Strarkings it is exquisitely lettered with fantastic art from Boo Cook and is worth the £2.49/$3.99 price tag alone!

There’s also fantastic work from Cameron Stewart, Brandon Graham, Ming Doyle, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Ramon Perez, Jeffrey Brown and many more!

The anthology includes the winners of 2012’s  Thought Bubble Comics Art Competition Ato Ame, Jack Land, Zoom Rockman, Emily Kimbell, Chris and Keith McDonald and David Parkinson. Full details about this year’s competition can be found here and as you’ll have read on the site last month 2oooad will also be offering artist the chance to win a contract to draw a story for them in 2014.

To get a sample of what’s in the issue Thought Bubble have produced a fantastic video trailer edited by Martha Julian, with music by Daniel Thomas which you can see below.