News: Old meets new as Madefire expands Motion Book lineup with Sherlock Holmes, Paradise Lost, and lost pulp adventure Mono: Prospero Rising

Madefire ComicsIf you’ve read our exclusive interview with Ben Wolstenhome then you’ll know that Madefire has not only redefined digital comics with their unique brand of Motion Books but were also included in  The App Store’s Best of 2012 list as well as securing the inaugural ‘Digital Comic of the Year 2012’ from this very site for Captain Stone is Missing.

With 32 episodes released to date through their renowned iOS app and a partnership with social media giant deviantART offering the titles to the web, they’ve had a busy 2013. But what’s next for the studio that brought acclaimed titles like Treatment, Mono, Captain Stone is Missing…, and Houses of the Holy to fans worldwide? More Motion Books, of course – and we’ve got an amazing sneak peak!

Liam Sharp and Bill Sienkiewica's take on Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective

Liam Sharp and Bill Sienkiewica’s take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective

Today Madefire announced to the world an expansion of their line-up with several new titles in development from a remarkable group of creators:

– Visionary creators Liam Sharp and Bill Sienkiewicz tackle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest creation—Sherlock Holmes! Taking the classic tale, The Greek Interpreter, the duo will create the definitive digital reading experience for the celebrated consulting detective.

– Ground-breaking author Ricardo Pinto and renowned artist Adrian Smith tackle the epic War in Heaven, a modern retelling of the classic Paradise Lost. Massive in scope and incredible in execution—a motion book epic in every sense of the word.

– The lost pulp classic Mono: Prospero Rising makes its way to the Madefire platform courtesy of author Anthony Brock and legendary artist Gary Gianni. A giant-sized adventure for the ape-human hybrid!

In addition to this trio of new titles, Madefire’s six “on-going” series will continue to roll out with new episodes of Mono, Captain Stone is Missing…, and Treatment arriving in the coming weeks. As these new epics continue we’re excited to be introducing a new generation to benchmark digital editions of the classics!

For these and more great motion books download the Madefire app from here now!