News: Motion comics publisher Narr8 unveil new story builder tool for creating your own digital comics

Motion comics publishers Narr8 have today announced a new multimedia editing tool called Story Builder that lets you build your own interactive digital comics. Simply create your comic using their online editor and upload it to their online catalogue for the world to download.


“When we created NARR8, we wanted to not create and share interactive stories, but to let our fans create their own as well. Finally, the time has come!” said the Narr8 team.

“Thanks to NARR8’s multimedia editing tool, Story Builder, you, the fan, will be able to create interactive stories with text, graphics, animation and sounds. Use content provided by NARR8, upload your own or create something unique — this is your chance to let your imagination flow!”

“Using Story Builder is easy, built so that one can master the program quickly. Each user, registered on, has the option of accessing Story Builder. Just open in the browser of your PC and start to create your book or series!”


“As you work on a story, you can see it come to life in “My Series —> Story Builds,” and after it has been reviewed, it will appear in NARR8’s online catalog, along other popular series.”

“Furthermore, in the future, NARR8 will offer the most popular authors to sell their content.”

Go to and flex those creative muscles and to read more of Narr8‘s fantastic motion comics then download their iPad app here