Read Madefire motion books on TV with new Android app and Google Nexus Player

Madefire Comics thumbNot content with taking over your iPad and iPhone, Madefire’s groundbreaking and award-winning Motion Books are about to take over your living room as well, with Madefire motion books on TV courtesy of the Madefire Android App and Google’s Nexus Player.

As they go from strength to strength, solidifying their place as one of the leading exponents of digital comics in the world, Madefire have today announced that their new Android app is one of an exclusive set of apps that Google will deliver as part of the newest streaming device for TV – Nexus Player. This means viewers will have the ability to interact with Madefire’s one-of-a-kind digital storytelling experience on their smart TV as well as their phones and tablets, offering front-row seats where they can immerse themselves with live storytelling in concert with art, sound and interactivity.

Madefire on Google TV

Home to award-winning original titles like Captain Stone Is Missing and Mono, as well as licensed titles from Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing and more, Madefire’s app is the first app from the ‘comics/reading’ category offered via Nexus Player, and brings a unique style of immersive reading and entertainment experience on TV. Allowing you to read comics such as Transformers, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Hellboy and Injustice: Gods Among Us on the big screen, Madefire’s Motion Books are ideally suited to this new medium, with innovative uses of art, sound and interactivity that expand the possibilities of digital storytelling.

Google’s Nexus Player will extend the Android experience to the home entertainment center by making Android users’ favorite apps, services and content accessible via TV for the first time.

“We designed Motion Books from the ground-up for reading on screen. Motion Books are the world’s first reading experience for TV,” said Ben Wolstenholme, CEO and Co-Founder of Madefire. “We’re honored to have Madefire chosen in the first select group of apps to be offered for Nexus Player. Motion Books deliver an immersive, snackable entertainment experience that is an ideal companion to games, movies, and other visual content on the Nexus Player.”

We can’t wait to enjoy our favourite Madefire Motion Books on this exciting new platform!